Brand Activation: Building Connections with Your Audience

brand activation
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You may have heard the relatively new term “brand activation” when examining potential new marketing campaigns. This unique approach for orchestrating marketing strategies and initiatives is based on creating emotional connections with your target audience. It also therefore serves to build stronger connections and loyalty with your guests through one-on-one interactions. And at MOGXP, we wholeheartedly believe in this.

Though it’s in the same wheelhouse as experiential marketing, there can a few subtle differences between brand activation and other forms of marketing.

Curious about how brand activation can connect your products and services with your target audience for the long-term? Read on to learn about this marketing phrase, and how to utilize it to your advantage.

Some FAQs on Brand Activation

What is brand activation?

Brand activation refers to marketing campaigns and strategies designed to both foster interactive experiences with your guests, and to build loyalty with your brand and company. In the simplest terms, brand activation gets your customers to act and interact, by allowing them to directly experience your products and services.

Brand Activation is product specific, and it’s hands-on and it’s crisply focused on the guest education, the guest experience, and lastly, guest entertainment.


How does it differ from other experiential marketing strategies?

One of the key differences between brand activation and other kinds of experiential marketing campaigns is the focus on providing an interactive experience, and encouraging guests to “experience” as opposed to simply “buy.”

For example, an experiential marketing campaign could be one of many possibilities:

  • a sponsorship of a local festival or sports team
  • a street team guerilla marketing campaign to announce the launch of a new product

But these might not always allow your guests to see, taste, and experience your specific and highlighted products for themselves. Brand activation, however, encourages your guests to sample your products and services first hand, so they can make an instant connection.


What are some examples of these campaigns?

Brand activation campaigns can vary widely and can be utilized by most types of businesses. For example, a car company may allow prospective fans to sit behind the wheel of a new car and see the features for themselves. Or it may even enlist the help of virtual reality technology to allow their guests to actually experience what it’s like to drive their new line of vehicles.

But you don’t have to be super tech savvy to create an effective brand activation campaign.

A great brand activation initiative can be as simple as providing free samples of your products, allowing your guests to try out your products for themselves.

For another example, a cutlery company may let folks try out a new knife or utensil at a pop-up retail shop. Meanwhile a condiment company can have folks sample recipes using their products as key ingredients at a farmer’s market or other place that attracts foodies.

The point is, you don’t have to break the bank to figure out ways for your fans to get an authentic experience. It turns out, you just need to identify the best ways to connect.


What makes an effective brand activation campaign?

The key to creating an effective brand activation campaign is to create a connection and foster loyalty. Essentially, you want to show your guests, who might have some familiarity with your products, that your advertising and marketing claims are correct. This will help them realize that your brand is unique, allowing guests remember you more. And people will refer others to the brands they like, know and trust.

You also want to create an experience that’s both positive and memorable. And so you’d do this through product samples or engaging other ways, as well as hiring stellar brand ambassadors to serve as the “face” of your company.


How do I start finding opportunities?

Your best bet for identifying brand activation opportunities is to partner with experiential marketing professionals. They will know what goes into creating effective and interactive marketing strategies.

Like all experiential marketing initiatives, effective brand activation boils down to being accurate. It means determining the right venue or event and times. And it also means delivering your message to create deeper connections with your current and future guests. You want to ensure that your brand makes a lasting impression. But you also need to ensure that you are directly reaching your target demographic at their lifestyle intersection. In the end, your brand will foster as many connections (and referrals) as possible.


We Can Help

Our clients know that we base all decisions on: the right place, the right time, and sending the right message to the right people, from the right brand ambassadors.

Want to learn more? Contact our expert team at MOGXP here. We’ll work together to identify the best opportunities to make your experiential marketing campaign a success.

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Brand Activation: Building Connections with Your Audience
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