Mobile Marketing Tours: Get Closer to your Audience

mobile marketing tours
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Whether you’re building brand awareness, promoting a new product, activating a sponsorship, educating, entertaining, or serving the community, mobile marketing tours can be a highly effective way to engage consumers right where they live, work and play. It allows your brand to breakout of the digital universe, the glossy digital screens, the clutter, the malls, the print ads, the 30-second commercials and literally come to life. We used to call that one on one face time, but now “Face Time” has literally quite the opposite meaning.

Taking your brand experience on the road via promotional mobile vehicles allows you to “intersect” your diverse audiences on their turf, on their time, when they need you most. They might happen to be at live events, activations, or simply around town. We call that “Life Style Intersection.”

One of our strategies you will hear us talk about a lot is Life Style Intersection. While the strategy is simple, the value is the difference between pretty good and spectacular outcomes.


Here are Four Rules of Life Style Intersection.

Mobile Marketing Tours Allow Life Style Intersection

1. Marketing for a cause

When a Brand literally comes to the “rescue”, it becomes heroic. It goes from a commodity to celebrity over night. Solve a problem, remove the friction, and improve my life style.

We look for unique opportunities for your brand to come in and save the day. We intersect your brand, product or service when it’s really needed. Like the Tide Loads of Hope Tour going to Louisiana and helping after the devastation of hurricane Katrina. We’re proud to have played a role in emboldening Tide to see the light.

So think rescue, relief and education, and read this blog on cause marketing!


2. The right fit

Don’t “get in the way” or interrupt the flow of your audience’s life style. Respect their time, their space and build an experience that compliments their life style and provides meaning, insight, education, entertainment and some joy.

So since the right fit is key, we always ask “do we really belong here, and what are we adding or providing to our audience? Are we just part of the noise or are we upgrading the experience?” We also ask, “how have we earned the right to be here?”


3. Less is more

Just because you can park a tour vehicle almost anywhere, don’t! We always lead with the narrative, the story and the essence of our message. We then ask who is most suited for that experience, where are they most open-minded and receptive?

Often times this means smaller venues, vehicles, locations and events. We believe when we go small we get BIGGER than expected. Showing up when least expected is real marketing magic, as your audience lights up and will never, ever forget that moment. They will tell everyone about it more than once. When we say memorable, this is what we mean.


4. Make room for white space

Discovery before Demonstration.

When we say “white space” we mean creating literally a space within the experience for our audience to relax, decompress, and chill out. Many clients are eager to provide us the long list of all the key messages, content, talking points, product attributes and benefits, facts and figures. We understand that everyone will explore and discover at their own pace.

White Space enhances the sense of discovery. Discovery is a powerful tool, so we don’t rush, we don’t shout, we create moments in time for our audience to connect the dots themselves.


Making Connections Takes Time

“We needed to utilize our different touchpoints more; specifically identifying where in the customer journey we were most likely to receive feedback, and using it to identify a new process to bring that data together to understand the key pain points and what customers needed us to improve.”

We’ll say it again: timing is everything!

At the end of the day our MOGXP “On Site Staff” is what really sets us apart. A great staff that has a deep understanding of the audience, needs, wants and desires can compensate for a muddy brand message, a rainy day or even a power outage. When a brilliant, passionate and well-trained staff are combined with a stellar brand experience the results are off the charts. A great driver for your mobile marketing tours could be the difference between an exceptional and mediocre experience.

Our team is our secret sauce, from tour managers, event emcees, entertainers, photographers, videographers and street teams. Our Brand Ambassadors have a true affinity for your brand, they live it and love it, and you just can’t fake passion.


We Get You Closer to Your Audience

MOGXP helps you plan your tour so you are efficient, effective and extraordinary. MOGXP has a proven strategy to ensure you’re in the right place at the right time with the right audience. We facilitate all of it from the Big Idea concept to completion. We facilitate the design, the planning, communications strategy, scheduling, staffing, permits, transportation, measuring, performers and all logistics for you. We’ve got you covered.

Speak with an expert here for a complimentary consultation to see how we can help your company reach new heights in 2020!

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Mobile Marketing Tours: Get Closer to your Audience
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