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ISOPURE is a premium high-performance sports nutrition product. ISOPURE produces drinks and powder mixes for athletic individuals and those that enjoy a little competition. As their brand implies, it’s all about purity of protein, purity of ingredients, and fewer ingredients. It’s about innovation in formulation technology and boosting nutrition. It’s also about innovation in the flavor profiles and taste.

Our core objective was to gain ISOPURE access to hardcore, energetic, health-minded athletes. Our Lifestyle Intersection strategy helped us zero-in on the platform, the event, the competition, and the experience where our athletes are at play.

It was critical to engage our guests while at play – in the heat of competition, where they work up a sweat and can really experience the ultimate benefits of ISOPURE. Getting as close to the “point of use” and providing “real relief” when they need it most, makes the brand experience memorable, relevant, and appreciated. We call that “Putting Your Brand into Consumer Context.”


Welcome to The GoPro Mountain Games

With over 85,000 attendees, over 3,000 athletes, and spanning over 4 days, the GoPro Mountain Games in Vail, Colorado was the perfect platform and perfect fit for ISOPURE. Knowing the mood, personalities, and motivations of the attendees, and getting into the flow of the event, helps enhance a brand’s authenticity.

Consumers can smell a marketing gimmick a mile away. It’s critical that you arrive, add value, provide some comfort, remove friction, or come in and save the day. Our solution was simple: provide a comfortable, inviting, and engaging Athlete’s Lounge. The Athlete’s Lounge would become the hub and hang out for our athletes.

The lounge featured comfortable couches, over stuffed chairs, product samples, educational videos, and personal massages to help ease the aches and pains of a highly competitive day. We also featured an ISOPURE MIXOLOGIST experience – a fun way for our athletes to customize a personal ISOPURE mix and a flavor profile, just for them. Leaning on education, but also experiencing the pure fun of coming up with an exotic concoction they could name themselves, the MIXOLOGIST Station showed how easily and quickly it was to mix brand awareness with enjoyment.



The Hub and Spoke Approach

While the overall communications strategy was simple, our success was dependent on our tactical and boots-on-the-ground execution and planning. Our hub and spoke tactical plan is built upon an anchor platform – in this case a lounge. This is our home base, the epicenter of the experience. The spokes add the mobility and outreach.

This focus on efficiency ensures we’re never standing still; rather, we’re on the move taking advantage of the marketing opportunities all around us. Our tactical execution plan maps out secondary locations around our perimeter, and we just adjust the timing, duration, and travel to reach as many new attendees as possible.

Our goal was saturation. Our goal was to be on the offensive with our highly flexible and mobile team, and activate a wider audience for our clients. Face time with consumers is the most valuable business advantage you have!

Our Brand Ambassadors are highly knowledgeable. They have to be because the sports nutrition consumer demands it. Consumers are more informed in this space and ask tough questions on ingredients, health benefits, and performance.

Our MOGXP Ambassadors all brought their A-game and were the bright, energetic faces of the ISOPURE brand, and did an amazing job answering pointed questions, mixing bold new concoctions, educating the attendees, and proving the creature comforts to exceed the athlete’s expectations.

Our team of five was highly mobile and moved with the crowds to ensure the ISOPURE brand was in-hand and top of mind. When you’re in the right place at the right time with the right brand, success happens rather easily. Our ambassadors made the difference capturing the brand persona and created such a positive impact, the ISOPURE Marketing Director requested to borrow them for a photo shoot on-site to become the face of their next marketing campaign.


The MOGXP Check List

  • Ensure the Event, the Lifestyle Intersection, and Brand are strategically integrated and aligned
  • Develop a Hub & Spoke execution plan
  • Strategize, create, design, and orchestrate ISOPURE 360º sampling experience
  • Empower guests to create their personal samples at Mixologist Station
  • Develop strategic plan to increase engagement, education, and usage
  • Educate, train, and empower Brand Ambassadors to achieve maximum exposure, penetration, and success
  • Get the most bang for the budgeting buck, working on a limited budget, but with unlimited creativity, passion, and energy

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