Just Naturals: Branding Strategy

The Brand challenge

The rebirth of a brand. The all-natural industry is growing steadily and it’s getting crowded. Those companies with the best brand positioning and best products and that tell the most compelling story to their consumers are the winners. Our challenge was to help the Just Naturals brand stand up, stand out and nurture it for sustainable growth. Our socially minded team was a perfect fit. Both teams united around a shared vision of positive change, sustainability and embracing all-natural alternatives. Our approach for every brand — large, small, boutique or start-ups — is built on asking the right questions and our attention to detail.

Our core objective was to increase traffic and increase sales in store and on line. We provided the heavy lifting: the product ideation sessions, consumer alignment, creative collaboration, strategic consultation and a practical and efficient marketing plan. We also provided the emotional support, the leadership, positive attitude and the confidence that empowers clients to sustain success. At the end of the day it takes time, effort, focus and teamwork to stay the course and execute the game plan.

Customer Feedback Sessions

We took a deep dive into aligning the “all natural & organic” consumers to the Just Naturals mission and its wide range of products. We ensured that Just Naturals understood the mood, bias and expectations of their very fickle all-natural consumer. We crafted customized customer feedback sessions that ignited vigorous conversations and provided Just Naturals with new data, opinions, insights, perceptions and attitudes. Education was high on our list, as the Just Naturals consumer demands to know what ingredients are inside the products they purchase and bring into their homes. The consumer feedback sessions provided the guidelines to refine, adjust and craft a precise message and product offering that fit the lifestyle and expectations of our consumers.

The MOGXP Check List

  • Sourced, strategized and orchestrated consumer focus group
  • Developed strategic plan to increase brand offerings
  • Led promotional ideation sessions to increase retail (in store) and web traffic
  • Developed brand marketing calendar to include events and expos

A Lesson Learned

A fresher approach to marketing. We’ve learned that when you embrace doing purpose-driven work, purpose-driven clients will find you. Just Naturals was the “perfect” purpose-driven brand that we absolutely love to work with. We learned that together we could make a difference with a fresher, more sustainable and socially mindful approach to marketing, branding and communications. We know that purposeful branding creates real value for customers and real value for brands by reducing risk, elevating the consumer experience, maximize business value while keeping a keen eye on our environment. At the end of the day it feels really good to make a difference.

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