Kellogg’s Krave: Product Launch, Sampling, Join the Pack


The Brand Challenge

Kellogg’s launched Krave – a brand new chocolate cereal in a category where consumers are faced with over a thousand cereal choices everyday. Kellogg’s as a brand has built-in mass appeal, and the chocolate flavor profile is one that everyone loves. Consumers trust and love the Kellogg’s brand, and the chocolate flavor profile of Krave would allow Kellogg’s to reach their 250,000 sampling goal.

The original demographic was mixed – more “spray and pray” than targeted. Our challenge was to ensure we micro-targeted our core consumer, making sure they not don’t just Grab-N-Go; but rather, they stick around, try it, talk about it, and ultimately make a purchase. At MOGXP it’s never just a numbers game. It’s a “brand experience” game measured in human emotion. 

The challenge was how to place the Krave Brand in hands of the right audience, in their own environments, on their turf, amplifying their lifestyle.

MOGXP fine-tuned the profile to the guest: teens. We believe in micro-targeted and targeting with precision. We focused on adolescents between 9 and 14 years old. We focused on fun, energetic experiences, exclusive events, and activities where they played, competed, or hung out. Our goal was to “fit-in” and empower them to be part of the experience to make it their own.


The MOGXP check list

  • National product launch
  • Targeted guerrilla sampling using MOGXP Local Impact marketing model
  • Target Local Youth Events & Hang Outs. (large and small)
  • Create Interactive Social Platforms (games) to increase Sociability
  • Leverage lifestyle fit and Managed Turf Accessibility
  • Optimize Operations and Fuel Efficient Mobilization
  • Samples goal: 250,000
  • Samples result: 300,000 Targeted samples delivered
  • Facebook goal: Increase Facebook community by: 100,000
  • Facebook results: increased by: 175,000


Our Local Impact Marketing Model

Make it Local, Make it Personal, and Let Consumers Own It

 Our Local Impact Marketing Model is our distinctive point of difference. Our extensive real world expertise enables us to help our clients obtain a deeper understand of their core demographic, and capture unheard of returns on their investment. We go beyond generalities and spray-and-pray approaches.

Our Local Impact Marketing Model  is built on three core strategies:

  • Who – We leverage precision targeting to come to a deeper understanding of who your consumer really is, their mood, their personalities, diversity, beliefs, and lifestyle. We craft an influencer profile to target who will carry the brand for us.
  • Where – Identify the locations, events, and happenings where your consumers play, work, and relax – avoiding places where sampling or marketing events may disturb or annoy the demographic.
  • How – Success comes down to Logistics! An economic, energy efficient deployment of the campaign is at the core of what we do best. This is where we develop a strategic operations road map and manage its deployment. Getting from Point A to point B is easy, but ensuring we have an effective, flexible, and efficient plan on the ground at every “stop” is the key.

Our Campaigns are road mapped to multitask, and we ask our clients and brands do the same. We look for opportunities at every location to mobilize and expand our reach and brand presence. Our campaigns aren’t just the most effective and impactful in the industry, they’re also some the most fuel and energy efficient.

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