5 Tips to End the Year With a Bang and New Followers

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December 27, 2017 0 Comments

2017 is quickly coming to a close and most of us are in full-blown holiday mode: gifts, dinners, loved ones, and lots of celebrations! Your business should be looking to capitalize on the nostalgia of New Year’s.

We’ve got some great ideas for you to get your brand out there!

Joy is in the air, and people are looking to celebrate; give your followers and prospects the opportunity to know your brand with these simple ideas.

1. Generate Participation

Post on your social media accounts or website asking followers to write in their New Year’s resolutions. Raffle off a free product or service. Then share the content you receive to get followers coming back to read other entries.

2. Get Feedback

This time of year everyone is reflecting on their own strengths and weaknesses—take this opportunity to get some quality comments on your own business.

Ask followers to take a short, custom quiz about your service throughout the year. Find out what they liked, and didn’t, and what they want to see more of in the future. To garner involvement offer something like a discount or a free product going into the New Year.

3. Party Time

If you aren’t hosting your own New Year’s Eve event, partner up with an established party. Raffle off tickets to the event so that you’re increasing the visibility of your brand while gaining information on followers.

You can offer extra entries for users who refer friends or have been loyal brand supporters in the past. You could also offer different levels of gifts like drink vouchers, party accessories (2018 glasses and hats), or a free bottle of champagne.

4. Turn to Social Media

Create a New Year’s hashtag and ask followers to share a video of their midnight celebration to wish the community a happy new year.

Users can share their videos and pictures using the hashtag; you could even offer a prize for the content that receives the most online attention!

5. Celebrate New Beginnings

To many people, January signifies a fresh start. Reach these optimistic individuals by emphasizing the idea of beginning again. Engage with followers by asking how they plan to start their new year—or host an event in the first few days of January.

However, you choose to engage with followers this New Year’s, know that you have many opportunities to increase brand visibility and reach new crowds.

Engaging with people during this magical time of the year allows followers to see the human side of your brand. If you’re ready to take your brand to the next level and garner more support—we can help!

Let the Experts Help

Promoting your products and brand doesn’t have to cost you big, but it does require a well-planned and executed strategy. Save yourself time and reach out to Marketing Operations Group today!

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5 Tips to End the Year With a Bang and New Followers
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