Think Smarter about Sponsorships

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Sponsoring a special event can have a big impact on your brand recognition, and your reputation. But these days, it’s no longer enough to pick out a noticeable event, add your logo, and sit back and hope for a wave of new customers. Making the most out of sponsorships is not about picking out a big festival and writing a big check. Rather, it’s about being thoughtful.

Many businesses that are new to sponsorship opportunities are surprised to learn that your success isn’t determined by how much you spend. And in fact, a smaller sponsorship and a little engagement can go a long way.

So how do you pick the right sponsorship opportunities? And how can you maximize your positive publicity and exposure to new clients? It starts with these tips for identifying ideal sponsorship opportunities in your area.


Thoughtful Ideas for Sponsorships

Start small, and start local

It might be enticing to tie your business to a huge music festival, national sports event, or other big ticket item. But if you’re a smaller business with community connections, you may get more bang for your buck if you seek out sponsorship opportunities on a local level.

Think of special, annual, or regular events in your target area. You’ll likely find a roster of little league games and school sporting events, local music or food festivals, and other events that connect with the community on a small scale. These are great opportunities for sponsorships!

It’s because you are in the heart of your regional demographic, and have less competition. Hence, you have more opportunity to engage with potential customers one-on-one. So before you start looking at the big picture, take a closer look at possible opportunities in your own backyard instead.


Find a connection

You don’t have to be inherently linked to an event theme to make a great impact, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to find some common ground.

For example, if you create a specialty food product, a food and wine festival or a local farmer’s market might put you in contact with your exact audience. Or if you run a local car dealership, sponsoring a car show or a local race might bring you some new customers.

Think about your prospective clients’ interests, and where you’ll find them on a large scale, and use that as a guide when faced with too many sponsorship options.


Be charitable

Not sure which sponsorships you should take on?

When in doubt, keep an eye towards charity! Charitable event sponsorships are wonderful opportunities for many reasons. For one thing, it exhibits your company’s values and your ties to the community. And for another, it’s a sponsorship that everyone on your team can help with.

So talk to your staff, find a uniting cause that you can all get behind and support with enthusiasm. Their help will be able to grow your business while doing a world of good close to home.


Want to learn more about potential sponsorships? Contact us here, and let’s start identifying ideal opportunities to create meaningful consumer experiences for your business.

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Think Smarter about Sponsorships
Sometimes the best ideas are the ones closest to your heart! Here are tips for finding sponsorships in your area to get your brand out there and doing good.

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