A MOGXP Case Study on New Audiences: Optimum Nutrition

Optimum Nutrition
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Welcome to the next MOGXP case study chat – we’ll be talking with our founder Sheila Rondeau about real-life examples of experiential marketing in action. Even though we are using caution when creating marketing experiences in the community at this time, we can still share success stories that will inspire you for the future. This week, we’ll discover how MOGXP helped Optimum Nutrition find new audiences.


The Client

Q: Who was the client?

Sheila: The client for today’s case study chat is Optimum Nutrition, the number-one selling protein powder brand. They have a huge Instagram following, and their audience is wider than just the usual body-builders and weightlifters. They also target anyone who lives an active lifestyle – bikini models, triathletes, soccer players, marathon runners, and even yoga moms.









Q: What was the biggest challenge with this client?

Sheila: Optimum Nutrition already had a great brand awareness in the competitive weightlifting and body-building community. They have such a science-based approach and really connect with those athletes.
Their Amino Energy pre- and post- workout drinks are delicious but also have just the right amount of caffeine to avoid the afternoon slump.

But we wanted to get their products out to a wider range of athletes like those marathon runners, bikers, and even yoga moms, who probably wouldn’t order themselves a big jar of protein powder or their Protein Wafers without a taste test first.


The Strategy for Optimum Nutrition

Q: What kind of experiential marketing strategy did you do for this client?


We spent a lot of time discussing ideas for new customers to target – how could we group them all together when they’re into so many different activities? How can we reach the soccer players and the bikini models too?

We decided the target was anyone who likes health and wellness products. Seems like a stretch, right? But really, they’re people interested in fueling their active and healthy lifestyles. And that’s what Optimum Nutrition is all about. It’s “For the Champion” – but with a wide definition of champion.

Then we got out and into those communities – we went to triathlons, marathons, Iron Man events, fitness expos, Spartan races, even color runs. We went to gyms and kickboxing classes. Anywhere people were having fun while being active, we were there too handing out samples of their drinks, protein snacks and more. We created a whole bunch of new protein powder consumers!







The Result

Q: What takeaways did you have from working with this client?

Sheila: Working with Optimum Nutrition was a great balance of targeting our marketing efforts while we create new customers too. You need to target your customer base carefully so you’re not overspending on samples for people who will never buy the product – what a waste of products and money!

So you can’t think too wide. But you can’t narrow your focus to the usual customers either, if you want to create big sales growth. You also need to figure out what groups might love the product if they had the right experience. For most sports nutrition companies, the main market of weightlifters and bodybuilders is really competitive.

But there are plenty of other active people out there who would love a product that helps them perform their best – they just probably won’t try it out on their own. Once they’ve had a chance to sample it, they become fans and consumers. And that’s what experiential marketing is all about.

We Can Help

The power of experiential marketing is behind everything we do. It means getting your product in the hands of people who will try it, love it, and buy it. And we do what fits your budget and gets you results without wasting your marketing dollars.

Our clients know that we base all decisions on consistency. This means, an experience at the right place, the right time, and sending the right message to the right people, from the right brand ambassadors.

Want to learn more? Contact our expert team at MOGXP here. We’ll work together to identify the best opportunities to make your experiential marketing campaign a success.

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A MOGXP Case Study on New Audiences: Optimum Nutrition
Sometimes you have to think outside the box when a certain market is saturated. See how MOGXP helped Optimum Nutrition with their brand experience goals.

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