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Brand awareness, as the name implies, is the attention your brand gets. It’s about whether or not people know how you are, and what they know about you.  


Whatever it is that comes to mind when consumers hear your brand name matters. Even if it’s nothing, the fact that it’s nothing means something to your brand. 


Brand awareness plays a major role in many aspects of your business, and in the digital age, it’s especially easy to keep track of.  


The metrics of brand awareness will not only help you track how your brand is doing overall. They’ll show you what specifically is helping your brand awareness improve, and what isn’t.  


Website Traffic 

Website traffic is an easy and efficient metric to measure, and perhaps one of the most obvious. If people get to your website, they’re aware of who you are, or else they’re made aware as soon as they arrive.  


You can track not only the number of visits people make to the site but also the source by which they get there. Depending on what you’re using to get people to visit your site, you want to know what’s working and where you should keep spending money.  


Social Followers and Engagements 

Engagements are the interactions your brand has with individuals and the community. These interactions, made at different levels and at different times, create an overall experience.  


Your customers are communicating something with and to you. They’re opening lines of communication, after which you choose how to react, and that all adds up to relationships.  


These opportunities, the online interactions, can be examined as a major contributor brand awareness. 


Blog Visits  

If you run a blog associated with your brand, this is another easy and essential metric to follow. Look at traffic both to new posts and old ones to help you measure brand awareness. You can even use that information for generating future content.  


The same can be applied to all content you put out, whether it’s strictly blog posts, or videos and documents as well. If you’re sharing on multiple platforms, keep track of which ones are driving visits.  


Branded Keywords 

At some point, customers will know who you are and go looking for you. The searches they conduct use something called “branded keywords.”  


They use your brand name alone or in phrases, and you can track these searches. Additionally, there are direct visits to your website, which happens when customers type in your URL directly. Once people know who you are, they’ll go looking for you in these ways. 


Customer Surveys 

You can also just go straight to the consumers themselves and ask them direct questions. Find out how your brand awareness is fairing with survey responses, and make the appropriate changes.  


A lot of these pieces of data give you possible actionable responses. Keep that in mind. Any campaign needs measurable metrics to make sure you’re getting the ROI you want, and those metrics should inform your subsequent actions.  


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Brand awareness contributes to so many aspects of your business. Here are several key metrics to help you measure how your brand awareness is doing.

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