Want to Keep Your Existing Customers? Here are 5 FAQs to Consider

Existing Customers
October 9, 2017 0 Comments

Customer retention doesn’t always get considered as the highest priority of newer business, or even ones that have been around for a while.

Sometimes existing customers get forgotten in the midst of a new campaign push, which can be extremely damaging in the long run.

To help combat that, here are some frequently asked questions brands have posed about customer retention and its role in the overall success of the business.

1. How do return customers really benefit me any more than new customers? They’re all just purchases, one way or another.

Return customers don’t need as much convincing. Return customers are more reliable, which means you can spend less money to get the same amount of purchases and profit.

Beyond the cheaper cost, return customers can turn into loyal customers. They can help you in a number of areas, including product testing and spreading the word to other potential customers.

2. I gave my customers an awesome shopping experience with my brand. Haven’t I done enough? 

It doesn’t end after the purchases have been made or even after you’ve offered support to customers with questions.

Unfortunately, your customers are bombarded with messaging from companies constantly, and they could leave you at any time.

You have to remember that with your actions and continue to offer incentive and show appreciation to keep customers coming back. 

3. There’s nothing wrong with my product. Why did my customers stop buying from me?

Often, consumers don’t wait around until there’s an actual problem with the merchandise. What more likely has happened is they’ve felt neglected.

They want to be the exciting new customers again, and some other brand gives them that feeling. You can avoid this in the future by working on making your current customers feel valued.

Keep them in mind, and make sure some part of your activities is tailored specifically towards them.

4. Is customer loyalty measurable, and if so, how?

It is! And even better news, it’s easily measurable.

Customer loyalty is something you can identify just by looking at repeat purchases over a set period and monitoring new customers to find out whether or not they came based on a recommendation.

5. There’s always room to grow, but what am I supposed to do after a complaint?

First of all, you should listen. If your customers are taking the time to tell you something, listening to them will already show them that they’re the center of your operations. But also make sure you let them know what you’re going to do next.

Find out how you can remedy the situation and even prevent it in the future, and let the customer know what your action plan is.

An action plan can put the customer’s mind at ease. Follow through with what you’ve agreed to do, and then follow up later to make sure everything went smoothly.

If it’s a social media or otherwise public complaint, respond promptly and use it as an opportunity.

Show the customer, and those watching, that you’ll stick to your original commitment for your brand, as well as your standards. 

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Want to Keep Your Existing Customers? Here are 5 FAQs to Consider
Customer retention is often overlooked in situations where it is of significant importance to the brand. These FAQs address some of the common concerns and help to pinpoint the importance of customer retention.

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