Let Product Sampling Up Your Marketing Game

November 8, 2017 0 Comments

Research has proven that consumers are more likely to buy products if given the chance to sample them first.

Naturally, if you just say your product tastes great, will improve their skin, or better their life in some way it’s not going to carry any weight, but if consumers can actually try it beforehand, they’ll have the chance to see just how great your product is.

The target has to trust your message and assume that the product will meet their expectations.

This is why product sampling is so effective if done properly. Clients love free things, but you have to be careful in your approach otherwise you won’t get your brand to stick with consumers.

Let’s Look at These Tips

  • Identify your target market: Finding your demographic will help in the rest of the process, establishing the best location and medium for a successful demo. Who do you imagine using and enjoying your product?


  • Location is key: Choose a store that will attract attention, it seems obvious, but many times organizations will set up in any place, and they’re losing out on interactions with new consumers.


  • Give yourself time: Arriving early is a must. You will want to give yourself plenty of wiggle room in the set-up, unloading your car, and adequate time to address any potential problems.


  • A call to action: Why are you hosting this sampling? Are you seeking feedback, upping your social media following, or boosting purchasing? Once you know what your call to action is, you can adequately gather data and to develop your brand and maximize your ROI.


  • Set clear directions: Just as if you were advertising something online, be sure to guide consumers through the experience. Give them directions whether it’s through a coupon, handout, etc.


  • Remember people are busy: Nowadays people are constantly on the go and many times people will be tempted to walk right past your sampling station. It’s up to you to wow them either with the freebie, entertaining marketing concept, or an exciting offer.


Humans are creatures of habit; we like to stick with what we know. Whether that’s a snack, face lotion, or drink—product samplings are a chance to disrupt the norm and introduce new people to your brand.

The power of reciprocity is on your side during product samplings, once someone is given something free, they are more likely to recommend or at the very least talk about your product to someone else because they’re excited to have gotten something free.

We don’t expect free things so when we are offered something, it’s exciting.

Let’s Strategize Your Product Sampling

Incorporating product sampling distribution into your marketing campaign can boost success and be cost-effective—let us show you how!

We’ll help you create an emotional connection between your products and consumers, securing consumer loyalty to your brand.

Schedule a call with one of our marketing experts today!


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Let Product Sampling Up Your Marketing Game
Product samplings can be a low-cost, highly rewarding experience for your brand and a great way to reach new clients. See some of our tips for creating a successful sampling.

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