Marketing Habits for Success 

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Marketing has many possibilities today that weren’t around ten years ago. There are all kinds of new tools to help you connect with consumers.  


It’s exciting, knowing that every campaign you run could mean integrating some new technology or practice.  


But like in any field, successful marketing depends as much on integrating the new as it does on maintaining certain habits 


The following four habits will help you regardless of the changes to technology and practice. 


1. Ask yourself, what is the point of this campaign? 

Always double check yourself for relevancy. With the exciting technology available today, it can seem necessary to keep up.  


You see the other marketing campaigns integrating virtual reality, so you assume you need VR in your next experiential marketing campaign. It can be easy to forget to ask yourself whether the newest, most exciting piece of technology would really advance the mission of your campaign.  


Even the type of campaign needs to be questioned. Experiential marketing is fantastic, but it works towards specific goals.  


If your goals don’t align with what an experiential marketing event can accomplish, it might be time to try a different marketing approach. Your goals for any specific campaign are important, and the campaign should fit those goals, not the other way around. 


2Be social with intent. 

Too much social media marketing will irritate your customers, and if it’s done mindlessly, that will show. Keep in mind that people don’t use social media hoping to find advertisements.  


They use it as a space to interact, to sustain relationships and see what’s going on locally and globally. It’s they’re personal space, and as a brand, you’re invading it with your marketing.  


That doesn’t mean say no to social media marketing, of course. It just means to be careful and intentional about your approach 


How can you market in a way that feels respectful of the space you’re in, and even helpful? When it comes to social media, be mindful of the space you’re occupying.  


3Follow up. 

The follow-up is as important as the campaign and the purchases. After every interaction with consumers, make a habit of following up.  


Customer loyalty depends on how you care for the consumer even after they’ve made purchases.  


You’re cultivating relationships, and those relationships benefit your brand. With follow-up, you can find valuable insight into how your consumers are using your product, and what improvements you could make.  


You make your customers feel cared for, which in turn gives them reason to support your brand, sharing their experiences with others and trying out new products.  


4Keep up with global issues. 

Marketing happens in the context of the world, not in its own bubble. It’s critical to make a habit of reading content and knowing about world issues, as much as you create content and communicate.  


Otherwise, your brand will likely be irrelevant. Worse, you risk a major PR disaster created by simply not understanding the context of your message.  


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Marketing Habits for Success
Successful marketing comes in many forms, but the habits behind the campaigns are universal. These tips cover marketing habits that will help you with any campaign. 

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