Marketing Logistics Metrics: Can You Measure Success?

marketing logistics metrics
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Exceptional Experiential marketing campaigns empower brands to build closer relationships with their diverse audiences by immersing them in engaging, memorable and shareable experiences that provoke genuine emotion, influence behavior, and inspire people to say great things about your brand.

But . . . You might ask, ‘How do I know if our experiential marketing campaign was a success?’

And you might be wondering, ‘Are we looking for the most important, relevant, valuable and mission critical information? What are we missing?’ Knowing what to track, to follow and what to measure is the key to sustaining success.

At MOGXP we go beyond the numbers, we break it down into three categories to help you pinpoint and concretely track and measure your success. You need a comprehensive accounting of costs in terms of both dollars and labor.

But you also need an in-depth understanding of:

  • where your audience is located
  • what grabs their attention
  • what they think and are saying
  • how you can reach them more effectively

MOGXP Audience Analysis Measurement Model

Our Audience Analysis Measurement Model is segmented into three categories. By segmenting our analysis it allows our clients to focus on what they want the audience to think, feel and believe before, during and after the experience.

Participatory Analysis

  • How many people attend? (Demographic Data)
  • How long was the engagement?
  • Where and when did they tend to wander off?
  • Where and when was the engagement the deepest?


Behavioral Analysis

  • What do we want people to believe?
  • Are we triggering a change in behavior, belief or mindset?
  • Is there an educational engagement?
  • What do we need them to learn?


Socialization Analysis

  • How many people are talking about you? (Before, during and after the experience)
  • Is our experience and brand narrative relevant, viral and being shared?
  • What are they saying?
  • Where did we shine?


All of these factors are part of our Audience Analysis Measurement Model. And they will help you attract, acquire and retain your guests. Our model will provide benchmarks and valuable insight for all of your future initiatives.

In this way, Marketing Logistics Metrics is critical in helping you pinpoint, concretely track, and measure your success.

So for this week, we’ll look at online integration of these metrics.

Use Marketing Logistics Metrics for Online Integration

Your website, social media platforms, E-newsletters, apps and other web-based campaigns are some of your best and most accessible resources for valuable customer data.

As a business owner, you have the opportunity to integrate all of these online tools into your experiential marketing campaigns.

For example, an app or website that ties in with a promotional event can attract your audience with:

  • educational materials
  • quizzes
  • incentives

But it can also tell you a lot about your audience’s browsing and buying habits. Through these online platforms, (which can be separate from your website) you can drive data, input, spark conversations, and poll your guests for information.

And your stand-alone apps and other online tools can also help you determine:

  • where your guests originate
  • where they like to socialize and shop
  • how often they visit your site or buy your products
  • what posts and content grabs their attention

This data is especially valuable for formulating future content and campaigns.

For example, a digital platform that is tied in with an experiential marketing event that generates a lot of interaction is an indication that your experiential marketing campaign went well.


There’s a lot more beyond the web, too. Next week we’ll take a deep dive! Stay tuned…


Remember: Timing is everything

What about the timing of your event, social media posts, e-campaigns, or other content? Or online reviews and responding after an experiential marketing event?

Tracking your Marketing Logistics Metrics is a continual process. And these figures need to be at the forefront of all experiential initiatives from start to finish.


How We Help

The good news is that you don’t have to figure out these details for yourself, because the expert team at MOXPG can lead the way.

We understand the intricate details of Marketing Logistics Metrics and Marketing Operations.

Contact the professional team at MOGXP today. Let’s get started on identifying the metrics that matter. Speak with an expert here. We look forward to working with you in 2020!

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