Marketing Logistics Metrics: What’s the Point?

marketing logistics metrics
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Exceptional Experiential marketing campaigns empower brands to build closer relationships with their diverse audiences by immersing them in engaging, memorable and shareable experiences that provoke genuine emotion, influence behavior, and inspire people to say great things about your brand.

And yet, Experiential Marketing only makes an impact and growth for your company if you measure the results of your campaign.

Last week, we talked about the importance of Marketing Logistics Metrics, and we focused on how you use it with online integration. We talked about analyzing the results of your campaign with your audience, by using three main categories: participatory, behavioral, and socialization. So, once again, what’s the point?

It’s using these metrics and the Audience Analysis Measurement Model to continuously improve, and find new audiences (aka more fans!). It’s analyzing behaviors and responses to eventually elicit the response you want from your guests. After all, you’ve come up with a great solution or product for their needs! They just need to find out about your company.

Once you’ve met them with an experiential campaign, you’ve got more of a picture: comprised of data and dialogue.

But what do data and dialogue do? They are generating and capturing and measuring. For example, NIKE does not care how many people attend their event.
Rather, they want to know:
  • what guests are saying
  • what could be better
  • how they can keep up with and stay ahead of their audiences.

These translate to: value, insights, trends and attitudes.


So in using data, let’s talk about other ways we analyze these metrics:

From Data to Dialogue: The Point of Using Marketing Logistics Metrics

Your online presence is a good starting point for understanding your consumers’ buying habits and interest.

From gathering this data, you can fine-tune your tracking to examine the following factors:


Visits tell you the number of people who have been to your app, website, social media pages or events, and more. But more importantly, your visits can also tell you where your audience is coming from. And this can help identify locales where experiential marketing campaigns would generate a lot of attention.


Your leads are your strongest indication of your ROI. And they can help pinpoint where your marketing efforts are the most successful. But also, leads that don’t convert can tell you what areas of your marketing you need to improve.

Conversion rates

These measure how often an experiential initiative resulted in an actual sale. Conversion rates can be valuable data that highlights the effectiveness of your campaigns on the whole. They can be especially helpful in tracking the effectiveness of your brand ambassadors or salespeople. This is because for each experiential marketing event, you can review and compare performance on an even playing field.


Reach can refer to both online and in-person marketing initiatives, and is a good indication of how well your brand is garnering attention.

Are your marketing events attracting new guests?

Are guests using your events, apps, and other experiential marketing campaigns as an opportunity to learn more about your brand and products?

Slightly different from visits, reach only measures the spread of information. And this data set is another valuable tool to determine where your audience is found, and how to make them notice your company.

Even repeat business?

Look at marketing events, discounts, promotions, and other incentives (both in person and online) that attracted previous guests back to your company again and again.

Best of all, by relying on your past customers, you have an opportunity to use inexpensive and invaluable word-of-mouth marketing. This way, you’ll attract new audiences to your next experiential marketing event.



How We Help

The good news is that you don’t have to figure out these details for yourself, because the expert team at MOXPG can lead the way.

We will work with your marketing professionals and company leaders to review your Marketing Logistics Metrics and to determine the best path forward. With this intricate and expansive data, we can help determine…

  • Your target demographic
  • Where we’ll find new customers
  • How to grab your audience’s attention
  • The right channels and platforms for reaching customers
  • When and how to host an experiential marketing event
  • Innovative campaigns that will provide the best ROI

We understand the intricate details of Marketing Logistics Metrics and Marketing Operations.

Contact the professional team at MOGXP today. Let’s get started on identifying the metrics that matter. Speak with an expert here. We look forward to working with you in 2020!


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