Marketing Operations Planning 101

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Clients are often hesitant to invest in thorough marketing operations planning, but it is well worth the investment, as it ensures a successful outcome.

We believe that goals and objectives determine the criteria for success. They therefore impact marketing channels and tactics. Once the channel and tactics are agreed upon, we can then build the base assumptions, resources plans, budgets and timelines.

Invest in the Planning – Marketing Operations

Allow Goals and Objectives to Lead Planning

We approach planning by reviewing the multitude of variables (levers) for each program.

The variety of levers change with each program but can range from:

  • budget
  • timing
  • resource management
  • target demographics
  • markets
  • routing
  • weather
  • and more.

Levers are pushed and pulled, raised and lowered resulting in many options with varied outcomes. This process allows goals and objectives to lead the process in order to achieve the end-desired result.

Performance Measurement Tools

Performance measurement tools have multiple purposes such as ROI models, throughput assumptions, engagement grids, event criteria matrix and a dozen more based on the type of program.

These tools will help forecast the outcome, measure success and determine how the brand calculates value. We agree upon these tools early and use them often, allowing adjustments to be made during a program versus waiting until it is too late to impact program success.

Change the Plan to Meet the Objectives

If the modeling tools show that your plan does NOT meet your goals and objectives, provide leads or sales — don’t do it!  Don’t change the goals to meet the program, change your plan to met the objectives.


Why Operational and Logistical Tools?

Operational and logistical tools are key to controlling the experience, reducing risk and creating an efficient marketing program.

Tools used in a program plan will determine touch points, staffing plans, risk management metrics, routing schedules and sampling plans. The math up front allows for optimizing the hours and staff resourced, preventing bottlenecks, and finally reducing weather-related incidents and sample inventory issues.


Math Up Front Is Worth the ROI

Very often planning is an area that clients are hesitant to pay for, as it takes hours; therefore it can appear to take more than a desired share of the budget. However, thoughtful, strategic planning is what makes the rest of it work — hence, it is worth the investment.


It’s time to invest in the marketing operations planning — your marketing will deliver more! Contact us to learn more about how Marketing Operations Group is your go-to agency for optimum planning.

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Marketing Operations Planning 101
Clients are often hesitant to invest in thorough marketing operations planning, but it is well worth the investment - it ensures a successful outcome.

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