Marketing Plans for 2020: Will Your Audiences Remember You?

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January 8, 2020 0 Comments

2020 is here! The New Year presents an opportunity to conduct an overhaul of your marketing plans to generate a bigger audience, and a better return on investment.

Gone are the days when companies rely only on eye-catching creative materials and standard advertisements or commercials to garner attention. Effective marketing in our modern era requires a multi-pronged approach with genuine connections and experiences. This also includes finding definable ways to track the effectiveness of your initiatives.

Will 2020 be your most successful year yet? Consider these tips for smart and strategic marketing plans.

Tips for Marketing Plans in 2020

1. Consider your audience now, and in the future

Smart marketing plans aren’t just about keeping the attention of the fans you have now. They are also about finding new and even more audiences.

And your targeted demographic isn’t always stationary. There are always new trends, changing interests, and potential new guests who can generate more exposure, (and more income), for your company. So, it’s time to start thinking about having the right brand ambassadors on staff to connect with those audiences. And this includes considering the Life Style Intersection– having those ambassadors intersect your audience at just the right time and place.

So when planning, think about your audiences now, and in the future. An expert team like the professionals at MOGXP can help you identify new opportunities to create a bigger, better reach.


2. Go beyond attendance to determine an initiative’s success

You may have dabbled in experiential marketing in 2019 by sponsoring an event, creating a pop-up initiative, or attending markets, trade shows, and expos to generate more exposure for your brand.

And while attendance is certainly a great indicator of an event’s success, it’s not the only metric that matters. More importantly, it’s essential to focus on the response of the people who attended your event to determine if you indeed enlisted new fans.

With MOGXP, we’ll go well beyond the basic numbers and will utilize multiple in-person and digitized platforms to determine the comprehensive success of all of your experiential marketing initiatives.


3. Find better ways to measure ROI

Do you regularly check your website and social media pages to determine your reach, number of visits, and interactions? Or even collect feedback on promotional events and other strategies to garner your return on investment?

Your marketing logistics metrics and marketing operations (MO) entail so much more than these basic measurements alone. You also need concrete ways to ensure the timing, location, and target demographic of your marketing initiatives are on track. In addition, you need smart strategies to gauge responses and interactions long after a marketing campaign is done.

All of this is part of your comprehensive marketing operations plan. For more information, take a closer look at what modern marketing operations entails.


4. Create deeper connections through experiential marketing

Experiential marketing is more than setting up a booth at a trade show or expo. And it’s more than adding your name to a long list of sponsors for a sporting event, festival, concert, or other event.

It covers everything from budget-friendly street team marketing and pop-up events, to mobile marketing tours. Experiential marketing can be tailored to specific campaigns that will generate the most buzz for your company.

Start broadening your horizons by taking a look at just a few of the ways you can grow your audience here. And remember, the experts at MOGXP can work with you to determine the right opportunities for your specific company, industry, and products.


Embrace a New Approach, with Expert Guidance

The New Year is always an opportunity to make a fresh start. And if you want to grow your business, you need to start by changing your approach to your audiences. There are countless ways to boost your brand awareness through innovative strategies that foster new connections.

Make 2020 the year you partner with a team that can help you grow in more ways than one. We have the in-depth knowledge on marketing operations that ranges from those initial planning steps to your success well after an experiential campaign is over.

This year, make your audiences remember you!

Speak with an expert here for a complimentary consultation to see how we can help your company reach new heights in 2020!


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