Need Big Impacts in Experiential Marketing?

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September 11, 2019 0 Comments

Bigger is better, right? We’ve heard that mantra a million times. So big impacts in marketing operations might come from a big audience, a big plan, and a big budget to get the results your business needs to grow.

And sure, for some companies this is true. If you have a product with a really wide appeal, your customers are everywhere and you need to be too. That big budget and wide reach will pay off, and I’ll help you accomplish that.

But what if you’re a more niche brand? You might spend a whole bunch of money reaching mostly people who will never buy your product. And that’s a waste of both your dollars and your time.


How Small Assets Make Big Impacts on Experiential Marketing

Instead, think small. And think targeted. This is where MOGXP comes in – we can help identify your target audience and figure out where they are and how to reach them. Maybe we scrap your initial plan to get one of those giant mobile tour buses, driving across the country talking to big crowds in big cities. Instead, we do a set of small easy-to-transport assets – a street cart for samples, kiosks and games, an SUV with a trailer and a tent – and we seek out your ideal customers.

It’s not just about saving you money, because we’re not in this to help you do things as cheaply as possible. I want to help you do the most for your growth in the most efficient way, by not wasting any resources, including your valuable time.


Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Take cereal brands, for example. Cereal consumers are a small, specific demographic – kids and teens. And they’re hard to reach because they’re not generally the ones doing the shopping. You need to get a parent on board because their opinion matters the most. So we target spaces where moms are relaxed and willing to let their kids try something new, instead of going to a big state fair where people of all ages are wandering about eating samples of an item they won’t ever buy.


Thoughtful efficiency – it’s what MOGXP is all about. Getting your product in the hands of the people who will buy it and love it is our passion, and we have so many ways of helping you do that (hot air balloon, anyone? I’ll have to save that story for another day).

We Help You Create Meaningful Consumer Experiences

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Need Big Impacts in Experiential Marketing?
At MOG, we actually can prove that less is more in marketing. See how small assets can make big impacts in experiential marketing. Quality over quantity.

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