Old School Methods for New School Marketing

November 3, 2017 0 Comments

Marketing has taken on some major structural changes over the last few decades, often making it difficult for businesses to keep up.

Technology especially is changing marketing approaches, and even the way businesses conceptualize their marketing plans.

Nevertheless, some practices still ring true. In fact, some tried, and true marketing approaches have only been amplified by the technological advances.

While you’re trying to stay on your game, know that you can fall back on these approaches to help you along the way.


Consumers will always love free stuff. That’s great for you if you can get the free stuff to endorse your brand.

Promotional gifts can be incredibly cost-effective, and they can help you convince consumers to become your paying customers.

Coupons and Mailers

There are some new ways to do this, but sending mailers has long helped to increase brand awareness, especially as a way to add a personal touch to your marketing.

Today, it’s a lot easier to find the information about specific neighborhoods and pinpoint a target audience geographically.

The right words and a catchy tune

Businesses still rely on clever pitches to help sell to the masses. The fact is, although the way we deliver jingles and slogans may continue to evolve, having one in the first place won’t go out of fashion.

Because in marketing, creativity and psychology will always count. Little ditties and catchphrases catch hold of people’s hearts and minds.

People will continue to rely on communication and the senses, and engaging people through something they can hum or rhyme is a great way to keep your brand on their minds.

A mascot

Now, this doesn’t necessarily have to be a literal mascot. But people like to have one physical thing they can hold onto in their memory.

Imagine you meet someone who always wears bright yellow shoes. You’ll see the shoes and immediately have your memory jogged.

For brands, think about one thing that sums up the experience you’re trying to create, or just a touchstone that you can present every time there’s mention of your brand.

Keeping just one small detail the same every time will help jog the memory of your consumers, and they’ll be more likely to remember the rest of what that symbol represents.

A localized experience

This is as much about your physical location as it is about your platform. One long standing marketing technique has incorporated new environs into the methods brands use and even the way they present themselves.

No two spaces are made the same, and it pays off to create a unique experience based on where you’re marketing.

Take time to research the neighborhood (whether physical or cyber) and don’t be afraid to consider how your brand could use that location to its advantage.

And remember…

With all of that said, it’s critical to remember that marketing is, at its core, about innovation and experimentation.

That’s what will drive your brand into the future and allow your business to continue to flourish. Marketing expertise is about recognizing what works, but also about watching for new trends and possibilities for innovation.

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Old School Methods for New School Marketing
There are some tried-and-true marketing tactics that will still help your brand make accomplishments when combined with modern technology and possibilities.

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