Press Release: Welcome to the New MOGXP

January 2, 2020 0 Comments

We wanted to warmly welcome you to MOGXP, as Marketing Operations Group is now MOGXP.

We exist to radically improve the value, relevance and impact of experiential marketing for the benefit of brands and consumers. In doing so, we are challenging the fragmented agency landscape through consolidation of essential marketing services, operations, creative capitol, data analytics and real world expertise to produce better outcomes for our clients. In addition, our MOGXP team has deep brand-side experience with some of the most demanding Fortune 500 brands on the planet. And those valuable lessons always travel with us.

What We’re About in 2020

The new MOGXP focuses on Optimizing Operations, Audience Alignment and Activation and Maximizing the Return on your Investment. As such, MOGXP works in tight partnership with our clients to build a foundation for sustaining excellence.

All the while, we also work on managing the experience to transform experiential marketing into an activity that:

  • elevates your brand
  • optimizes engagement
  • enables an extraordinary human experience

MOGXP is here to help. Hence, we’ll dive in at any touch point and help solve the most complex challenges you face from concept to completion.

Why We’re Here – For You

We understand that today’s brands are facing endless decisions about:

  • marketing strategies
  • socialization
  • gamification
  • mounds of data
  • multiple screens
  • platforms
  • channels

Plus, not to mention higher consumer expectations than ever before!

So how can these brands remain competitive and capture consumers’ attention? They’ll need to craft a differentiated human experience and embrace new sets of tools, processes, technologies, analytics and tactics that are more strategically deployed. And as a result, we help companies enhance and elevate their current marketing operations, go-to market strategies, and creative tactics.

At MOGXP we believe it all starts with asking better questions and demanding more! And when we ask better questions, we all make better decisions and therefore we create better experiences.

Chat with the experts here to see how we create memorable consumer experiences.

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Press Release: Welcome to the New MOGXP
How are we bringing in the New Year for 2020? By introducing MOGXP! See what we'll focus on for your experiential marketing endeavors.

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