Process + Planning = Success

process and planning equals success
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You can break down the success of your marketing campaign into the diligent process and planning that precedes it.

The formula is a simple one, but it includes a lot of details that can’t be overlooked.

Otherwise, you run the risk of wasting time with a campaign that doesn’t help you bring in or keep any customers.


The “process” stage involves working through important details before you plan how you will execute your marketing campaign.

Target Audience

Your campaign will have to engage a target audience. Otherwise, it will likely lack direction.

Think about who your demographic is specifically, including details like ages, gender, occupation and more. This will affect your planning, which should appeal to this specific audience.

Type of Engagement

Another factor is the type of engagement you would like to use in your marketing campaign. You have many options, but your audience will remember most through their senses.

Engage the senses, and you’ll create a marketing campaign your audience will remember. Which event sets the stage best for you to do so?

Personal Experience

The details should make the experience personal.

  • Think about who the audience will be
  • How you want to engage that audience
  • What you want to make them feel
  • Where your campaign will take place

In the end, the more you organize your campaign around the audience, the more the audience will feel like a part of what you’ve created.

Though the “process” step includes the details about the place, environment, and offerings, all of these details should point back to your target audience.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Planning happens throughout the whole marketing campaign. Once you decide what you want the campaign to look and feel like, you have to decide how you’re going to achieve that experience.

You’ve found a place to host your event, but how can you make sure the audience feels connected to it? You can cooperate with nearby businesses, for example, if you’re bringing your campaign to a new neighborhood.

This way, you can incorporate the familiar aspects of the neighborhood that your audience already knows to capitalize on a homey feeling they feel with the businesses that are already a part of the community.

Target Audience

Planning also requires that you think about how you will reach your target audience. If you’re bringing an experience to them via your marketing campaign, you will have to advertise that experience enough to get the audience to attend.

This means thinking about where you can reach your audience even before the campaign, and understanding how they best receive communication.


Direct communication is just one method. Communicating through a third party, like a brand ambassador, could help sway your target audience to attend.

Another essential part of planning is preparing for the effects of your campaign. Do you foresee more traffic on a website or more attention on social media?

Consider the resources you’ll need to respond positively to this extra attention. Make sure you have someone who can manage the communications and monitor the attention.

Proper planning combined with a thoughtful process will create a positive communication campaign.

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Process + Planning = Success
You can break down the success of your marketing campaign into the diligent process and planning that precedes it. The formula is a simple one, but it includes a lot of details that can't be overlooked.

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