Surprise and Delight Your Customers

surprise and delight for customers
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You know the normal marketing channels. You leaf through a magazine or glance at a passing billboard, hear a radio ad as you flip stations, scroll past another Instagram pitch. And then they’re gone from your vision and your brain as quickly as they came into view. So if you’re a new brand, how do you create an impression that stands out and stands the test of time? With a surprise and delight experience. It’s one your customers won’t forget.

How Do You Create Surprise and Delight for Customers?

This can take many forms – but the big picture is, the experience must:

  1. Stop your customers in their tracks (physically or emotionally)
  2. Create a powerful memory for them
  3. Connect with what your brand means to the customer

It’s unexpected, it’s meaningful (Adobe agrees), and it’s in line with what your brand offers. That’s why each experience needs to be unique to you – it can’t be one-size-fits-all.

Examples abound – some of my favorite experiences at MOGXP literally stopped people in their tracks. For a paper towel company, we set up a giant popsicle in the middle of a busy city plaza on a hot summer day. As the melting juice dripped into a giant puddle, we had the mess under control with the power of the paper towel. Street team marketing demonstrated how that product handles spills, big and small.

Or take an iconic beer symbol – Anheuser-Busch’s Clydesdale horses. They were used to deliver the first keg of beer to the White House after Prohibition ended, and that’s how they became the mascots of the company. Get a few of those beautiful little horses trotting down a city boulevard as your team tells this story to onlookers, and they’ll remember it every time they catch a glimpse of that brand in a store.

Make A Memory for Your Customers

That’s the power of street team marketing when we surprise and delight. It’s because we connect your customers to the power of your brand, and establish what it means to them. It’s more than just a display or a sample – it’s the power of experiential marketing.

We Help You Create Meaningful Consumer Experiences

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Surprise and Delight Your Customers
Don't want your product to be forgotten in a sea of others? One way to avoid this is to create a surprise and delight experience for customers. Here's how.

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