The Head + Heart in Experiential Marketing

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September 18, 2019 0 Comments

Successful marketing strategies have to speak to the two drivers of human behavior – our heads and our hearts. Read on to find out how the head and the heart must both be reached in experiential marketing.


Matters of the Heart in Experiential Marketing

For your customers, if you have a product you want them to buy, you need to speak to their hearts.

What need is this product filling for them? Is it a memory of childhood in a pizza roll, a call to their grandfather’s favorite beer pulled in by a Clydesdale horse. Or is it a feel-good moment where they see you giving back to inner-city school kids?

It’s not enough to just have a great product, though that’s important too. But your potential customers need to feel how it would fit into and enhance their lives. Your product would help them in a way they might not know they needed. All of those are speaking to the heart, which is a big part of a marketing operations plan.


Don’t Forget the Head 

But experiential marketing also speaks to the head, and that’s where I come in. By bringing in MOGXP, we’ll help you create those moments that speak to the heart (like that hot-air balloon, I promise I’m getting to that story!). We help you find your target customer and figure out how to speak to their heart’s most powerful hopes and desires.

But we also lead with the head – we start with numbers and stats and reassess as campaigns roll out to make sure we’re having a tangible impact on your bottom line.

Marketing operations plans, like we offer at MOGXP, give you a data-forward approach to winning over your ideal customers. You don’t have to sacrifice passion for analytics, or vice versa – we give you both to maximize your results.

And since my team and I have deep experience in marketing (25+ years in my case), we know what works and we’ll tell you.

You might be starting from the wrong question – like a client who asked me how to distribute pizza roll samples with one street team marketing member and one microwave. The right question, we decided together, was actually – how do we reach their customers in a memorable way? And long lines for pizza roll samples from one too-busy staff member wasn’t it. Instead, I suggested they create a viral video to appeal to their millennial customers, and it paid off beautifully to create the feeling and experience they wanted.


We Help You Create Meaningful Consumer Experiences

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The Head + Heart in Experiential Marketing
What do we remember most? The times that evoke a specific emotion. Marketing works the same way- yet with both the head and the heart of consumers.

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