The Right Faces to Represent Your Brand

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October 10, 2019 0 Comments

Your representatives in the field are the frontlines of your company. These are the sales team members and staff who introduce your product to new consumers one-on-one, and they impact your reputation. You want the right people in place to represent your brand.

Commonly known as brand ambassadors, your potential customers’ first interaction with your product is essential. What if they come across a salesperson who is unfriendly, unknowledgeable, or who doesn’t effectively share the product’s benefits? The customer will likely put the experience out of their mind, or worse, generate a negative response to your brand.

So how do you make sure that the people who are representing your product are the best faces for your company? It starts by identifying the brand ambassadors that have the following attributes in spades.

Represent Your Brand Well by Choosing the Right People

They use your product

First and foremost, you want your brand ambassadors to be fans of your products and your company. If they are not enthusiastic about the benefits that your products or services offer, it will come across to a consumer. The worst possible result is sounding phoned-in during encounters.


They know their stuff

Training is instrumental to ensure that your brand ambassadors can tackle any questions that come their way, and this starts with training and education.

As your Experiential Marketing campaigns continue, check in with your representatives regularly to uncover any common questions that may not have evident answers. This way, you can provide solutions when these queries come up in future conversations.


They ask questions

You don’t want your brand ambassadors to sound pitchy, or to simply “talk at” your potential customers in the hopes of making a sale.

Instead, they should start a conversation to understand what a customer needs. They’ll be able to uncover how your products or services can address these needs. Asking questions is a great way to start off on the right foot in any interaction, so they can garner a better understanding of what your consumers are looking for.


They smile

Sounds obvious, but a great smile is the first step to attracting customers to talk to your ambassadors. Encourage your representatives to smile whenever possible.

And this even includes when they are on the phone with new clients. Studies have shown that people can tell when a person is smiling through audio alone!


They are the customer you want to attract

Your brand ambassador will make a better connection with potential customers if they represent your target audience. If you are offering a new and unique line of condiments, find foodies who love to eat and who love new and worldly flavors. If you’re offering new skincare or beauty products, find someone who fits your customers who likes to look their best.


Let your brand ambassador be a mirror of the folks you are trying to reach, and they’ll provide a deeper connection, as well as more authentic selling points, to allow your products or services to truly shine. Remember, a deeper connection = more memorable. And that’s the key to experiential marketing.


We Help You Create Meaningful Consumer Experiences

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to reaching different demographics, and expert guidance along the way is key to ensure that your message is being heard. Schedule a FREE Discovery Session now with MOGXP, and let’s work together to find your audience, and connect with your customers on a deeper and more effective level.

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The Right Faces to Represent Your Brand
A picture is worth 1,000 words, and your salespeople are the pictures of your brand. See why you should choose the right people to represent your brand.

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