Virtual Marketing- Ways to Reach Your Audience Now

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April 22, 2020 0 Comments

With the majority of Americans under a Stay-at-Home order, companies are having to find new ways to conduct day to day business. From new remote workspaces to rethinking budgets and marketing strategies, many marketing professionals are going virtual to make the best of an unprecedented situation.

Virtual marketing was certainly popular before the COVID-19 pandemic. But now brands are adopting it across all industries as the leading way to achieve marketing goals without travel or face to face contact.

Ideal for reaching your audience while maintaining social distance, virtual marketing can entail a number of marketing strategies.


So What is Virtual Marketing?

As the same suggests, virtual marketing refers to online marketing strategies that rely on:

  • impressions
  • clicks
  • hits
  • questionnaires
  • games
  • contests

These online interactions are meant to attract new fans and reach a target demographic. The key here is to tap into your audiences emotions- whether it be moving and uplifting, or totally comical to evoke laughter. You want shareability for all things virtual!


What are the Benefits of Virtual Marketing?

Better Data

You can’t possibly know how many people paid attention to a television commercial, print advertisement, or a billboard. But you CAN obtain intricate and in-depth marketing statistics when it comes to virtual marketing campaigns!

This is because you can measure the following data:

  • how many times a message or post (usually video is best) was shared or viewed
  • how long your audience spent on your website or social media pages
  • where on your site they spent their time

This way you can track your social media fans, E-campaign subscribers, and regular users of your website and apps.


Budget Friendly

One of the best aspects of virtual marketing is that it’s a very budget friendly and effective way to keep a marketing department going strong during financially challenging times.

For example, you can enlist a marketing department to do the heavy lifting from their own home offices.

Web-based and app-based meeting platforms like Zoom help make it easy to maintain connections with your marketing department. And all campaigns and ensuing data collection can be maintained and adjusted from anywhere.

Other inexpensive virtual marketing ideas include:

  • social media marketing
  • to online ads
  • sponsored content
  • blogs
  • apps

You’ll save money across the board on traditional advertising costs, like print fees or purchasing air time for commercials.



Virtual marketing also provides flexibility in terms of  how and when you run your ads and posts. Hence, your team doesn’t necessarily have to adhere to a strict 9 to 5 schedule. They can work on their own time to launch creative and successful online campaigns.


An Online Sales Boost

Virtual marketing campaigns can also provide a shorter and easier transition from advertising to actual sales. Your audience is just a click away from discovering your company and making a potential transaction.


Make the Most of Marketing with an Exceptional Partner

Marketing today is layered, and the best strategies for your company depend on a huge range of additional factors.

  • Where can you find your audience?
  • What are their online activities?
  • What virtual marketing opportunities are available based on your budget?
  • And how can you track your strategies, and convert the folks who see your virtual marketing campaigns into lifelong fans?


We Can Help

Our clients know that we base all decisions on consistency. This means, an experience at the right place, the right time, and sending the right message to the right people, from the right brand ambassadors.

Even though we cannot be out and about at this time, we can still help you plan a successful future event!

Want to learn more? Contact our expert team at MOGXP here. We’ll work together to identify the best opportunities to make your experiential marketing campaign a success.

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Virtual Marketing- Ways to Reach Your Audience Now
Marketing during these unprecedented times is still possible, and virtual marketing is the key to keep your brand noticed and to reach your target audience.

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