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The most extraordinary experiential campaigns have one thing in common: they have the right information about the target audience (your guest). This is where marketing operations strategies become an essential ingredient to your marketing and business success.

Most of all, it ensures you deliver the right message:

  • over the right channels
  • on the right platforms
  • at the right lifestyle intersection
  • at the right time to the right audience

Because timing is still just about everything.

So, what is a Marketing Operations strategy all about? It’s not just about crunching numbers and automating processes. Exceptional MO analysts have the skills to interpret a mess of numbers, a ton of data, and an abundance of research. Plus, they fill in those knowledge gaps with their data-driven insights.

As a result, this helps:

  • synchronize the marketing team
  • drive efficiencies
  • spark innovation
  • increase customer engagement

Marketing Operations focuses on improving processes and the performance of cross- team collaboration. By coordinating the various arms of the marketing organizational structure, MO management can connect the dots and build the bridge between a brilliant strategy and flawless execution.

What is The MOGXP Marketing Operations Benefit?

MOGXP Marketing Operations is a proven process for our clients to be more profitable, efficient, competitive, and accountable. Unlike executing individual strategies only, your company can utilize existing data and goals to find measurable and trackable routes to success. And the best part is your budget and return on investment are always at the forefront of your planning.

MO can be highly specialized and requires multiple levels of experience and expertise. So the best way to maximize your investment is to consult with an experienced professional.

By teaming up with the experts at MOGXP you will have a leg up above your competitors. This is because you will be thinking about and approaching marketing in a new, insightful, and data driven way.


As a start, MOGXP can get your company ready for the coming year…

Five Things for Your 2020 Marketing Plan Checklist

As we close 2019, it’s a great time to plan for next year! Here are some more details about marketing operations to help you plan for success in 2020:

1. Really know your customer

One of the key aspects of marketing operations management is having an in depth understanding of your audience. As a result, you can deliver a more personal, more authentic and more targeted experience. Knowing how to attract attention and hold it is an art. Knowing when and where to intersect and engage your customer is the science. And finally, knowing which strategies and tactics (like experiential marketing) are most effective for promoting a more engaging experience are mission critical.

You can never know enough about your audience . . . and we call them guests. So treat them like a guest!

2. Know your personnel and where they shine!

You know that your team members all have their key strengths that add to the success of your company. So, keep this in mind when reviewing your marketing operations.

Who is an incredible designer, brand ambassador, big-picture thinker, or analyst?

Being able to find smart roles for your team members will therefore help ensure your overall success, team continuity and personal motivation

3. Create very specific goals…narrow your focus

All companies want to increase their customer base and profits. But when it comes to data-driven marketing operations, you need more specific goals.

  • Is your goal realistic; and is it achievable in your time frame?
  • What are the internal roadblocks and resource limitations?
  • How much do you want your customer base to grow, and in what timeframe?
  • Does your success tie in with the launch of a new product, or enhancing your customer loyalty?

4. Make your marketing measurable, and keep measuring

Do you have a concrete way to determine the success of your marketing campaigns and your return on investment? These metrics and numbers are crucial for identifying how to continually move forward. Measuring makes you agile. Plus, it empowers you to react, adjust and advance.

Therefore, always have a way to track your return on investment through every step of your MO. This is the backbone of smart marketing operations management. And this will also provide valuable insight that grows with every initiative and marketing-related decision.

5. Don’t go it alone – we’ve got your back!

Marketing operations has endless facets, tactics and consumer touch points that come into play through all aspects of your marketing strategies. Hence, partnering with a professional will yield optimal results. At MOGXP, we have decades of experience helping marketers, executives, and business owners develop their MO to ensure calculable success that you can count on.

The Experience Era: What’s New in 2020?

Marketing Operations Group is now MOGXP. And MOGXP is ready to radically improve the value, relevance and impact of experiential marketing for the benefit of our clients, brands and consumers. We are challenging the fragmented agency landscape through consolidation of essential marketing services to produce better outcomes for our clients. Our team of experts are emboldened by the hard won lessons learned on the brand side experience with some of the boldest and demanding brands on the planet. We bring that front line experience to you. Speak with an expert here to find out how we can help your company. We look forward to working with you in 2020!

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