4 Ways to Represent Your Brand Accurately

Brand Accurately
September 6, 2017 0 Comments

Experiential marketing campaigns can be a great financial move and great fun! But sometimes in the midst of trying to be the most surprising, exciting, fun or creative activity on the block, your efforts turn out gimmicky.

Suddenly, you’ve lost your sense of self and are merely trying to ride the newest trend. And consumers tend to be able to pick out marketing campaigns that lack authenticity.

So how do you balance being fresh with being yourself? Take these steps to make sure your campaign is accurately representing your brand. 

1. Know Yourself

It might sound obvious, but some brands don’t even know who they really are. Brands are as unique as the people who populate them.

They each have personalities, unique quirks, and traits that make them beloved by their loyal customers. A brand that isn’t clear about who they are will fade into the background, and so will their marketing.

2. Spend the Money

This isn’t about frivolous spending, but rather a cohesive whole. Think about what you’re trying to portray in your marketing. Do little notebooks with your brand logo on the cover speak best to who you 84 Ways to Represent Your Brand Accurately are?

If you’re a candy shop, maybe not. But lollipop-print uniform shirts for all your presenters probably would. Think about where you spend your money, and don’t be afraid to indulge for the details that matter.

3. Pay Attention to the Marketing for Your Marketing

Your event is your main campaign tool, but you have to get people to show up. That means introducing people to your brand and the experience they’re about to have.

The planning of your event should cover how you’re going to execute the marketing of your marketing campaign, the campaign itself, and the post-campaign follow-up.

Such an intensive operation is bound to deliver significant results. But the effort also has to be there, and your image has to be consistent.

Chances are, your intended brand identity is not “sloppy.” Even if you want to look fun and spontaneous, a spontaneously-executed campaign won’t fly.

It’s not just about providing a unique experience. It’s about tapping into what makes your brand unique as well and connecting that to something unforgettable. Advertise your experiential event in your own voice and don’t miss an opportunity to give people an understanding of who you are.

4. Inform Your Presenters and Event Representatives

The people working your booth or staffing your event reflect on you. Imagine an event where consumers can ask a question to anyone working and get the information they need.

Put the best of your team out there interacting with consumers. Give everyone the resources and training they need to be a dynamic part of your campaign.

The Bottom Line: Every Detail Should Reflect Who You Are

Ask yourself, “How do you want people to think of your brand?” And then make sure your brand delivers on that perception.

If you want people to be excited, you have to show them excitement.

  • Do you want to provide people with a safe space to be themselves?
  • Do you want to inspire their creativity and encourage them to let their wild sides show?
  • Do you want to be the one they turn to for the most cutting edge implementation of some particular product?

Know the experience you want to deliver, and build that for the consumer, in every detail.

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4 Ways to Represent Your Brand Accurately
Experiential marketing should reflect your brand, but sometimes your identity can get lost in the planning. Pay attention to the details to make sure your brand identity remains intact.

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