Come Prepared: The Fractional CMO

Fractional CMO
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The fractional CMO is a useful addition to the team when you’re in need of a marketing makeover. Fractional CMOs are less expensive than a full-time CMO and can bring some different, useful perspectives to your team.

When you invite a fractional CMO in to help your brand, their first step is going to be to look into what they’re working with. You’re probably hiring them because you need fresh eyes on exactly that.

But you can kickstart the process by considering what it is you think the fractional CMO is walking into.

Why did you hire a fractional CMO?

There are many good reasons brands decide to bring in a fractional CMO:

  • Launching a new product or service
  • Examining old marketing techniques
  • Facilitating communication between the marketing and other departments

Do you know why you’ve taken this step?

  • Perhaps you can pinpoint exactly what the problem is, and you’re ready to point this temporary member of your team in that direction.
  • Or maybe you don’t know what it is your company needs, other than changing the numbers.

Your fractional CMO will know to start from the ground up and examine everything. Whatever the circumstances, the fractional CMO is prepared to handle them.

What kind of data do you have to offer?

The fractional CMO is going to be making marketing decisions based on hard data. It can be helpful for them to examine the data of your marketing past to help you move successfully into the future.

Be prepared to assemble that data for the fractional CMO’s careful consideration. Perhaps the problem will begin exactly here, with a need for proper, effective data collection. Your fractional CMO can help with that!

How do the branches of your company interact with one another?

Another major aspect of your brand that the fractional CMO will almost certainly need to look at is communication. Regardless of the reason, they’re there, the new marketing approach they bring to the team will involve everyone.

The fractional CMO will need to understand how each part of the team best communicates. If you already know this, then so much the better!

Otherwise, don’t fear. The new fractional CMO will get to work to learn how that works.

How do you organize and plan?

If you have a particular method you’re used to using, the fractional CMO may be able to integrate that into the new marketing approach. If not (or if it’s ineffective), it may be the reason you feel you just have absolutely no time or energy to improve on your brand’s marketing.

Hiring a fractional CMO will have immediate structural impacts. This move may be the secret to building in habits that give everyone the time, energy, and enthusiasm to think more creatively.

In a business that suddenly finds itself experiencing growth, the old habits may not work for the new amount of business your brand suddenly has to accommodate. The fractional CMO can help you to point this out and fix it.

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Come Prepared: The Fractional CMO
Why hire a fractional CMO? These questions will help you prepare for the kinds of positive changes a fractional CMO may bring to your company.

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