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By now, it’s been repeated countless times: you’ve got to be on social media. Social media plays a crucial role in most business plans today. Many brands are even hiring social media experts for the execution and upkeep of their accounts.

However, just hurling words into the ether won’t do anybody good, and the same rules apply online. Avoid these marketing mistakes when it comes to your social media accounts to help you maintain and grow your customer base.

Posting off-brand or irrelevant content

There should be intention behind everything you post to social media on behalf of your brand. Make sure the social media content reflects that brand correctly.

Posting content that is off-brand nor irrelevant can lead to shifting loyalties, as customers fail to receive the content they thought they’d signed up for.

Serve a specific purpose to your audience with your online content, and be consistent.

Inconsistent posting

This is another major one. Some brands create social media accounts for fear of being left behind, and then never actually use them.

The effect, then, is that of course they still get left behind. Avoid just slapping up content whenever there’s time. Make a schedule.

Use the automated features of sites to make sure there’s new content going up regularly.

The One-man Show

In the realm of slapping up content, a big mistake brands make is failing to interact with their consumers online. Social media is both “social” and “media.” It isn’t the place to put up more advertisements, and then sit back and hope for results.

Social media is a realm of interaction with consumers, and this aspect should be both remembered and fully taken advantage of.

You can use the opportunity to answer consumer questions or thank consumers for their support. It’s a view into the minds and hearts of consumers. Use it appropriately.

Not knowing your audience

Different demographics are likely to use different social media platforms. This means that brands must do their research before jumping into social media.

Using the wrong platform to reach your target audience may result in your brand getting lost on the internet. Or worse, it could make you look bad.

Choose the right platform and use it in ways your audience will respond to.

Inappropriate hash tagging

When it comes to hashtags, there are a couple of big mistakes brands can fall into. The first happens when jumping into an already trending hashtag.

Some companies use trending hashtags to get their names noticed, which can be a successful use of social media. However, make sure the hashtag you’re going to use is relevant.

What’s the hashtag about? If it has to do with a news story or a certain cause, think about how your audience will react to you using it for marketing purposes.

Will it come across as insensitive?

Is the hashtag’s intent somehow disrespected by your use of it?

Do your homework

Social media platforms all have their own rules and conventions of use. If getting on social media is a poorly thought out act in an attempt not to be left behind, your audience will notice.

Instead of falling into this trap, do your homework about social media before you start using it. Keeping these tips in mind will help you get the most out of your social media endeavors.

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Common Social Media Mistakes
How should you use social media? Avoid these common mistakes, and instead post content intentionally and diligently for the best results.

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