Using Snapchat to Step Up Your Social Media Marketing

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April 18, 2017 0 Comments

We already know how experiential marketing appeals to millennials.

And if you’re looking to incorporate new strategies to increase your millennial following, Snapchat is a great place to start.

On average users are spending around 30 minutes a day on Snapchat and can connect with friends, celebrities, and businesses that they support.

Users often share quick images (snaps) of their meals, shopping trips, or anything from daily life to their friends as well as following businesses and organizations via their public Snapchat “stories.”

Even if your target audience isn’t largely on Snapchat, the app provides a huge platform for you to reach new consumers.

Although Snapchat is incredibly easy to use you’ll want to craft a specific strategy before going public if you’ve never used the app before checking out this video for the most basic guidelines and information.

Here are some tips that will help you gain the most from your company’s Snapchat ventures.

1. Keep it Casual

Snapchat is available and used by all types of people, from pre-teens to executives. However, the constant variable among all users is that the nature of the app is casual.

Your team should agree on a tone of voice that will be consistent across all snaps and should utilize fun, easily digested messages.

2. Know the Time Limit

One of the reasons Snapchat is so popular is because the images or videos disappear after a few seconds.

Use this time restraint as a fun opportunity to preview new products, behind the scenes at events, or to create contests.

Snapchat gives you the unique opportunity to interact with users on a personal level. You want to engage with followers on a daily basis.

3. Send Out Private Content

 Another great way to connect with your followers is to send out images of new products or details about new services before they’ve been released.

If you don’t have any upcoming events or new products, don’t worry! Giving a sneak peek into your business’ office culture like a company outing, birthday party, or a Friday afternoon can be a fun surprise for followers.

4. Show Off

Snapchat allows you to show off your personality and that of your company really. Display the true mission and goals of your organization whether that includes providing a service or selling a product.

You can get creative and deepen that connection between customer and company with a daily message or snap featuring a question.

5. Partner Up

Allow social media influencers, executives, or loyal followers to take over your company Snapchat for a day.

If done well, these “takeovers” will provide your brand with a voice and reusable video and image content.

If you do participate in a takeover, make sure that it is done only after a few meetings. You’ll want to lay out guidelines, agree on a tone, and set a definitive time limit.

Snapchat is an excellent opportunity to allow followers and consumers to connect on a personal level. Browse through other individual and business accounts before setting up your own, so you can get familiar with the different functions.

Use Snapchat to leave an impact on followers while strengthening your brand’s voice.

Do you already have a Snapchat? How has it enhanced your company’s marketing? Reach out to us today to get help in bringing structure to your strategy and clarity to your brand’s message.

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Using Snapchat to Step Up Your Social Media Marketing
If you’re looking to incorporate new strategies to increase your millennial following, Snapchat is a great place to start.

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