Connecting With Your Customers

connecting with your customers
March 22, 2017 0 Comments

It’s more important than ever to create an experience for customers, most of whom are pursuing deeper connections to the brands they interact with.

An easy and rewarding way to strengthen consumer relationships can be through the cause marketing strategy.

A stepping stone of the experiential marketing strategy, cause marketing is a mutually beneficial collaboration between a for-profit organization and a nonprofit.

Cause marketing campaigns can include giving a portion of a purchase, buy one/give one, point of sale, “proud supporter,” event sponsorship and more.

While establishing a connection with consumers is the ultimate goal it’s important not to get sidetracked in this venture, you are seeking a relationship that will be profitable for both parties.

A vital aspect of cause marketing is a strong relationship between your company and the organization you choose to team up with, here are some tips to keep in mind when establishing a partnership with your cause.


It is key that you have an open dialogue and clearly set intentions when organizing with potential partners.

Establishing a deal with a nonprofit is the same as any other brand collaboration, you must work together to find the meeting point for a shared message to highlight both parties’ efforts.

Find out what the non-profit is seeking:

  • Funding
  • Exposure
  • Raising Awareness

Each organization has different, specific needs and discussing their goals from the start will help you better understand what you can offer in return.

Acknowledge Your Partner’s Value

Don’t assume that the nonprofit is there only for charity; nonprofits have loyal, passionate followers and connections to other brands and companies that many others do not.

Recognize that your nonprofit partner has many strengths to offer and utilize them!

A great opportunity to explore the organization’s connections can be found in their newsletter and other communications if they have one inquire about doing joint promotions. This is an excellent way to increase visibility!

Support the Partnership

Once you establish the partnership, it is important to nourish it consistently. By actively working to establish an emotional connection between your company and the charity you will increase the chances of longevity.

Simple things like encouraging employees to volunteer at the nonprofit will go a long way for both parties.

The benefits of cause marketing will not be evident overnight. The results should be for the long run, and with a cause you are passionate about.

Final Tips

  • Do your research: Check out social media beforehand see how the cause partner engages with supporters. How big is their following on different platforms?
  • Establish a contact: Make sure you have decided on the point of contact at the start of the agreement. This contact doesn’t have to be the president, but whoever can address any issue or answer any question whenever needed.
  • Have a quick response: As soon as a problem arises, contact your point person. Then, resolve the issue as soon as possible and avoid letting the issue fester. This can be disastrous for a partnership.

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Connecting With Your Customers
It’s more important than ever to create an experience for customers, most of whom are pursuing deeper connections to the brands they interact with.

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