Ephemeral Messaging 101

Ephemeral Messaging
September 20, 2017 0 Comments

Ephemeral messaging is the umbrella that covers content with a short life span. It’s content that disappears.

But wait–– why would you want your content to disappear?

While it feels counterintuitive, ephemeral messaging is actually being used in marketing in creative and lucrative ways.

Let’s rewind.

It’s About Communication

As consumers’ preferred communication platforms have changed, so too have the ways businesses market to them.

Marketing is, after all, about communication. Consumers have gone through different phases with their communication platforms.

New platforms have transformed into even newer ones or else have gotten phased out.

Somewhere in all of this, ephemeral messages have risen in popularity and have exposed their usefulness.

It’s About Being Spontaneous

Ephemeral messages disappear after a set amount of time and are often brief. Think Snapchat.

For users of ephemeral messaging platforms, this messaging combines the wide reach of web-based communication with the “ephemeral” nature of face-to-face interaction. It’s a more spontaneous kind of communication platform.

When you think about how this translates to marketing, it’s actually not so difficult to understand how it could be useful.

Though you risk not getting the same exposure, brief marketing is sometimes better than a lengthy endeavor.

It’s easier to grab peoples’ attentions if you promise to get to the point soon, and you can cut through the fluff.

It’s About Reducing the Clutter

In a way, ephemeral messaging in marketing is an exercise in truly cutting through the unnecessary clutter of your message. It’s also an opportunity to ask yourself, at a bare bones level, what do you want the consumers to think of when they think of you.

With a little creativity, your brand can leave the consumer with a strong impression of who you are, a quick punch right where it counts. Plus, it can help create the impression that you’ve got the consumers in mind and value their time.

What’s especially exciting is how you can use ephemeral messaging in your event marketing.

It’s About Excitement

An important marketing tactic is keeping your consumers abreast of your brand’s preparations for the big event. However, you don’t want them to get tired of hearing about the event before it even begins.

Ephemeral messaging keeps the content to a minimum while still helping you retain the excitement. It can even create the feeling of exclusivity.

Consider using insider peaks, or sneak previews, to help generate a buzz.

It’s Free Marketing

Once consumers are at the event, get them to use ephemeral messaging to do some of the marketing for you. Their sharing will generate even more buzz, but ephemeral messaging won’t sacrifice as much of their attention.

The time, after all, isn’t spent adjusting photo quality. It’s about spontaneity.

The funny thing is, you can use social media in this capacity to get people more into the moment.

Use ephemeral messaging to engage with the consumers, get them to interact using these platforms, and create something that feels more like a conversation. Ephemeral messaging can help you with engaging your consumers.

We Can Help

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Ephemeral Messaging 101
Ephemeral messaging is a more recent online communication platform. It’s rise in popularity has helped to reveal its usefulness in the marketing world.

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