Experiential Marketing Mistakes

Experiential Marketing
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Avoid these common mistakes for a more successful experiential marketing campaign.

Misunderstanding Your Audience

A successful experiential marketing campaign targets a specific audience. When done correctly, this looks like an event that speaks in a way the target audience can understand and reaches them in a location they’ll be likely to visit.

Some brands misunderstand their audience because they’ve cast their net too wide. Instead of trying to reach as many people at once as possible, find a group you’d really like to acknowledge and start with them.

Ignoring the Locals

Keep in mind that your campaign is not happening in a bubble. There’s a context around the location you decide to inhabit. If you’re just a temporary resident in that space, make sure you leave a memorable impression, and make sure it’s positive!

Take a look around. See what you might be interrupting and turn that into a positive experience instead. Find ways to get local businesses involved in a manner that benefits them.

Hire people from the community to help keep the event running. Alert the local media, and have local influencers help you advertise.

Rushing the Process

Don’t forget that the experiential marketing campaign is going to take some serious planning if you want it to be a success. This is about more than just getting the details right for the day of the event.

  • How do you expect to spread the word and get people to attend?
  • How will you collect data to find out if it was a success?
  • What do you want to see your customers doing weeks or months after the event, and how will you follow up?

Instead of rushing into the event, take your time and plan the important details.

Pushing the Brand Too Much or Too Little

One difficulty in an experiential marketing campaign is striking the right balance that benefits both your brand and the consumers. If your focus is off, it’s easy to make a mistake in this area.

The nature of the campaign will largely impact how present you make your brand name.

If you forget it entirely, so will the consumer. If you give it too much attention at an event with an emotional message, the consumer will see a fake presentation.

Choosing the Wrong Experiential Agency

The right experiential marketing agency is extremely important in planning a major campaign or event. The agency should be focused specifically on experiential marketing campaigns.

They should have experience with previously successful campaigns, with a portfolio to show for themselves. You want a creative team you can trust, who has both the creativity and the resources to lead you to success.

Missing the Chance for Continued Engagement

A major benefit of experiential marketing campaigns is the ability to brands to reach beyond the campaign to their consumers. There’s a lot to be gained from following up with consumers long after the event has taken place.

Notably, staying fresh in those peoples’ minds. Even an event that seems unforgettable can take a back seat to the next week’s news. To be memorable, you have to not only focus on a successful event but follow up and stay in touch with those consumers you reached.

Remind them how much they enjoyed your brand, and that you’re still around.

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