Location, Location, Location!

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One major idea behind experiential marketing is to bring consumers a unique experience.

That means letting them actually taste your product at a festival, for example, or hosting an event that lets them sample your service.

But to bring them these unique, sensory experiences, you have to know where they are. The venue you choose for your experiential marketing is critical to its success.

Of course, you want to research where your target audience spends time, try to catch them at a moment that’s right, and give them a setting that will amplify the experience.

But there’s a lot of experimentation going on with campaign locations, and some of these location options might surprise you.

Around Transportation

Find out when your target audience is on the move and where they go when they have free time. Perhaps the morning commute isn’t the best time to get someone to slow down and listen.

But for sample handouts or a quick message that can be delivered on the go, this could be a great and unexpected place to reach people. Parking lots also offer a possibility, if you know where your audience is shopping.

In Your Store

Maybe you’re just trying to reach your existing consumers, but you want to introduce them to something new.

Why not do it right in your very own store? TD Bank showed loyalty to its customers by distributing customer thank you rewards at ATMs.

Right in the Neighborhood

It can be tempting for business to think too big and target a far too general audience. In the end, this often leads to not quite reaching anyone.

Events with too far a reach sometimes create an environment that doesn’t feel at all unique to the consumer.

That’s why venues that revolve around neighborhood involvement can make an audience feel like your company or brand is a part of the community.

Consumers will be happy to see some brand supporting the local sports team or school club; they’ll see involvement and care.

The Multi-Pronged Approach

Some of the best campaigns use multiple platforms to reach the most people possible. This typically means involving social media to get people involved. But there are many ways to go online with your campaign and make an impact.

Get creative about how you’re reaching out to potential customers. You could make an interactive event that allows people to participate both in person and online.

Let people see what’s going on, for example, at the physical location for your campaign, and allow them to be a part of things at the same time, from their computers or phones.

We Can Help!

Just remember, you can bring your event to the consumer. Know the consumers you’re trying to reach, find out where the consumers are, and bring your campaign to them.

This will make it easier for you to interact with consumers than if you were trying to bring them somewhere they usually aren’t.

Need some help with launching an experiential marketing program? Leverage our 20+ years of experience and expertise in creating impactful, successful programs.

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Location, Location, Location!
Behind every successful experiential marketing campaign is a well-thought location. The location is a critical piece of the puzzle, and even unconventional places can reach the right audience.

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