Experiential Marketing: Rolling With the Punches

Experiential Marketing
August 30, 2017 0 Comments

Experiential marketing is about interaction. It brings consumers to a better understanding of your brand. How so?

The same way you learn about anything new. They get to see your product or service in action. Experiential marketing is a chance to see your product or service in the world.

Consumers can use what you’re selling firsthand, ask questions, and sometimes even see your product or service performance under pressure, under less than ideal circumstances.

The nature of experiential marketing leaves your brand vulnerable to the elements, so to speak. Unlike a commercial or a website, you don’t necessarily have the opportunity to choose the perfect take and get rid of the mistakes.

Whether you’re doing a product demo or sponsoring a community event, you’ll just have to roll with the punches. But if you know which types of surprises to expect, you can address them quickly and avoid a disaster.

Is Your Brand Accessible?

First of all, make sure your experiential marketing campaign is in a spot where it will actually be seen and easily accessed.

Get to know the community you’re going to be marketing in, and don’t forget about your consumers with disabilities.

A no-show event where consumers can’t find you or get to you is going to be a difficult one to fix in the moment, and it’ll waste your resources.

What Will the Weather Be Like?

After you’ve gotten people to the experiential marketing location, the weather can still cause major problems. Not only can it force people to leave an outdoor event, but it can also ruin products.

Make sure you know what your products will do when exposed to the elements. If your products or even decorations aren’t safe from rain, bring protection for them or a backup plan.

Does Your Product Put People in Danger?

There are all kinds of potential allergies that consumers might be bringing to the event. They may know what to steer clear of, but they may not realize it’s in your product.

If you have a new product, loyal customers eager to try it could make a careless mistake that turns into a PR nightmare for your brand. If your new product comes with new ingredients, make sure you let your customers know.

What Stage Is Your Product In?

If you’re in the testing phase, don’t be ashamed. Make it known! A new product in early testing might come with some hiccups, but that’s why you’re getting it out there with experiential marketing.

Let consumers know that they’re helping you test out a new product so that its potential defects won’t send them running from your brand. Chances are, consumers will actually be eager to help.

Consumers like to feel like they’re a critical part of your brand, and product testing is a great way to show them they are. Just be sure to ask for feedback and listen to what consumers have to say.

Disaster! Disaster!

PR disasters happen, even to the best of brands. With all the preparations you‘ve made, there’s still a chance you missed something, or the circumstances just weren’t in your favor.

Be ready to admit to your mistakes and make it clear to consumers that you’re addressing the problem. The best you can do is keep the lines of communication open with consumers and work as quickly and efficiently as you can to solve the problem.

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Experiential Marketing: Rolling With the Punches
Experiential marketing campaigns happen in real time, which means any setbacks have to be addressed as they come. To avoid disaster, understand the surprises that may be lurking.

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