3 Reasons How Experiential Marketing Speaks Millennials Language

3 Reasons How Experiential Marketing Speaks Millennials Language
January 24, 2018 0 Comments

When it comes to marketing, many industry experts wrongly believe that millennials are a mythical creature.

It’s a falsehood that they are untouchable and those past tactics won’t lure them in. While that is partially true, it’s incorrect to say that millennials are unreachable.

In fact, experiential marketing was made for them! The average millennial is both brand and tech-savvy and the old school marketing techniques is just white noise to them.

They use ad blockers when using search engines, stream their entertainment while simultaneously blocking commercials, communicate and share news via social media, and ignore even the most brightly colored highway billboards or snail-mail postcards.

Millennials know how to navigate the Internet and get the products and services that they want. While all of this information may make it seem like an uphill battle to get your brand to millennials we’re going to show you why it’s just the opposite!

Let’s take a look at why millennials connect with experiential marketing.

1. Millennials Live for Experiences

Have you heard the phrase “collect moments not things”? However corny it may seem this is the fuel that millennials run on.

That’s why they are attending festivals, concerts, trade shows, exhibits and sporting events and exploring local nightlife and popular attractions in record numbers.

When you take your products to these events, you’re giving them an experience in a context they respond to. By placing your brand into their environment, you’ll surely stick on their radar in the future.

2. Millennials Don’t Mess with Phony

Although older generations may roll their eyes at this considering how much time millennials spend online and browsing through social media, but it’s true.

Millennials have an excellent detector for fraudulent attitudes, and they won’t stand for it. Approach them in a fake way, and I guarantee it will backfire in the worst of ways.

The average millennial is actively seeking honest and open dialogues with companies they choose to support.

They want to see what your brand stands for without feeling pressured to give something in return. When reaching out to millennials, you should take on the role of educator and offer a campaign that will educate and share rather than asking for them to give their e-mail.

3. Everyone Loves Free Stuff

This is a no-brainer. Millennials are here to share their experiences online and that includes branded swag.

Give a millennial bottles, t-shirts, hats, glasses, or totes and you’ll surely see your products splashed across social media full of hashtags. Can you say free advertising?

You want to give them a reason to show off their branded swag, like a contest that requires a photo of the product at the end of the event.

Reach Millennials Today

If you want your brand to connect with millennials, you’re going to have to adjust your approach. An authentic campaign that aims to educate and connect rather than selling and increasing brand awareness will do just the trick.

Are you ready to create unforgettable experiences for consumers today? We’re here to help!


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3 Reasons How Experiential Marketing Speaks Millennials Language
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