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March 20, 2017 0 Comments

As experiential marketing continuously proves to be the most attractive marketing strategy for consumers, organizations have new opportunities to highlight their brands in exciting and innovative ways.

If you are not familiar with the advantages of experiential marketing, take a look at my previous post here.

One key component of experiential marketing is sponsorship. The days of writing checks and slapping logos on an event are over!

That is IF you’re looking to maximize your sponsorship strategy while creating an emotional connection between customers and your brand.

In recent years, consumers have been actively seeking more from the brands they support. This new trend gives you the opportunity to display your brand with innovative interactions that connect you to events and garner positive publicity.

So, how do you spice up your sponsorship strategy? Check out my tips below!

Get Physical

What better way to engage your consumers’ senses than by providing a hands-on activity?

This approach will fully immerse users in your brand. It will also increase the chances of consumers leaving satisfied and willing to share their stories about their interactions with your organization.

A great model of a hands-on sponsorship event comes from NBA player Derrick Rose’s new signature sneakers for Adidas. Rather than relying solely on Rose’s celebrity influence, Adidas took a new approach.

They hosted an event in which fans had the chance to meet Rose and win a free pair of new shoes if they could jump ten feet, the same height of a basketball hoop.

Even if fans didn’t win, you can be sure they talked about the experience long after!

Be Social

Maintaining an active online presence is crucial in today’s world. And it’s an excellent opportunity to connect and share with consumers!

Make sure your events have signs encouraging people to:

  • Post their experiences online.
  • Create a hashtag.
  • Use the hashtag when posting on different social media platforms.

Take it a step further by creating a photo op for participants and sharing your event pictures on all company platforms.

Even if loyal customers aren’t able to participate, they will still have a sense of inclusion. And, of course, this will reach new potential consumers.

Maintain Connections

For many, the interaction between brand and consumer ends with the event. If this is the case for your organization, then you’re missing out on a great opportunity to strengthen consumer loyalty and excitement for your brand.

A successful example of fostering connections post-event comes from the SXSW conference/festival when sponsor Glad took their role a step further from just coordinating recycling.

They hired artist Jason Mercier to create a custom piece of art from the recycling.

Following the event, the piece was available to view and download online which allowed festivalgoers to continue their interaction with the brand long after it had ended.

By incorporating these methods, you can create unique experiences for your consumers that allow you to stand out from competitors.

We Can Help!

Remember that sponsorships are just one aspect of the experiential marketing strategy.

Make sure you’re on the right path to launching your own successful program and contact us. Let us help you create a lasting and impactful program today!

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Maximize Your Sponsorship Strategy
In recent years, consumers have been actively seeking more from the brands they support. So, how do you spice up your sponsorship strategy?

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