Planning a Successful Marketing Event 

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August 14, 2019 0 Comments

You’re ready to go after the experiential marketing event that will really get your brand on the map.  

But what can you do to ensure success? Here are some tips to help you, from planning process to execution.  

Six Tips for Planning a Successful Experiential Marketing Event

1. Know your audience. 

Your experiential marketing campaign needs a target audience. Before you consider what you’re saying and how to say it, you need to know who you’re planning to say it to.  

Your target audience is even more important than any recent trends in marketing. That’s because you’re target audience has to understand what you’re telling them through your campaign.   

And they’ll enjoy an experience only if its been tailored to their interests preferences. 


2. Come with a clear message.  

Your core values are also important to how you present your event. The event should have a clear message consistent with who you are and how you want to be perceived.   

Keep it simple, so that consumers can immediately grasp the theme of the campaign and understand what you hope to achieve with them.  


3. Meet consumers where they are.  

People shouldn’t have to go out of their way searching for your event. Instead, you should be the one going out of your way find them.  

Know your target audience and where they congregate, or where you can catch a large group of them. Understand their schedules so that you can be there to catch them when they have the time for you.  

Food trucks are a great example of this kind of marketing action. The right location can give consumers a sense of, “well, we’re already here.”   

And with the right timing, food trucks provide exactly what the consumers would be looking for in the first place.  


4. Experiment with technology. 

If you have the budget, get the exciting technology that will have consumers buzzing about your event.   

If you can give your consumers their first chance to try out an exciting technology piece, like VR (Virtual Reality), you will give them something to remember. And memorability is a key factor of your event’s success. 


5. Show up with metrics. 

The only way to understand your ROI for the campaign is to have measurable aspects of the event.  

Take the time before your event to think about what would indicate to you that your event was a success.   

Do you hope to generate more traffic to your website? More online sales? Better brand awareness? Knowing what’s important to you will help you get closer to accomplishing it with your campaign. 


6. Ask for feedback, and listen! 

Pay attention to what people have to say about the event. If they care enough to offer feedback, do your best to incorporate that into your future interactions with consumers.   

Consumer feedback is valuable, and it’s an open door to strong relationships with customers.   

Many people just want to feel heard, and when they do they’ll think of themselves as an important part of your brand. This leads to loyal customers and all the benefits that come with stronger relationships. 


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