Pop-Ups Advantages and Tips

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With pop-ups, you can try out products with consumers or host give-always to create buzz around your company and brand.

It’s a great opportunity for trial runs, and it helps to get your name out. However, without the thoughtful planning that a successful pop-up shop requires, the attempt is nearly useless.

The Basics

Pop-up shops can take many different forms, from the temporary retail store to a launch party. Flash sales and special offers also work to entice customers.

Partnerships with other retailers can be used in your favor because you get the traffic from the store on top of certain associations from the store’s image.

Pop-ups also take advantage of cheap marketing space. Renting a space in the short term has gotten cheaper and easier in recent years, whereas the payback can still be quite a lot.

In the end, pop-ups are still a great affordable investment that you can make in your brand.

Where to Start?

Pop-up stores require more preparation than their name implies. Although for potential customers, one day the pop-up store seems to appear out of nowhere, there’s a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into its creation.

You have to pay attention to demographics and think about what kind of crowd you want to target and where you can find them.

Make sure you’ve chosen a place that’s easily accessible. The layout must be carefully planned.

  • What will the customers see first?
  • What will they take in and pay attention to as they enter or pass by your pop-up?

People often don’t notice what you present right at the entrance of your space. They need some time to adjust, to come inside and take everything in, before they focus their attention.

So focus your attention instead on what comes next. Follow the eye which statistically turns most often to the right. This area should have the best content, to make a strong first impression.

Marketing the Event

The marketing of the event is a continuation of the initial preparation and research.

  • Who would you like to attend the event?
  • How can you use social media shoutouts to target your audience?

You don’t have to stop at the announcement of the event. You can continue to build buzz by documenting the preparation process, each step of the way.

Take people on a journey with you, through pictures and small recaps, but try to retain a little of the mystery.

Remember that social media can be your friend, and incorporate it wherever you can.

If you use it wisely during the event, you can attract more people and encourage your visitors to invite others to check out what you’re doing.

The marketing doesn’t end just because the event has begun! Host a giveaway or drawing during the duration of the pop-up.

Participants can tag or like your page on social media to participate, and this will continue to draw attention.

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Pop-Ups Advantages and Tips
Pop-ups are a great opportunity for trial runs, and they help to get your name out there. However, without the thoughtful planning that a successful pop-up shop requires, the attempt is nearly useless.

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