Riskier Business and the Coronavirus: So Now What Do You Do?

coronavirus and business
March 31, 2020 0 Comments

MOGXP like all our clients, associates, partners and friends are facing some real-world uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus. Our thoughts are with all those around the world whose lives and business have been impacted by this Coronavirus. And we wish them good health and rapid recovery.

We understand the risk involved in experiential marketing on a normal day. But this is a new paradigm that presents unexpected risk and challenges. However, it’s a great time to plan! We will have more blog posts coming soon about how you can plan for when this is all over!

We’d like to share some of our thoughts on how to navigate through the unexpected. First and foremost: be cautious, informed and stay calm.

The information overload about the Coronavirus will spark more sensationalism. Stay informed. Information is moving fast and it will affect us and our industry . . . for how long is uncertain.


So What Can Your Business Do?

Plan ahead!

In times like this gathering your team together (on Zoom) to create an “ on site preparedness plan” is mission critical. Begin to target your high-value customers and craft your message to them. We call it Local Impact Marketing. Exploring – for future events – smaller locations, smaller venues, smaller audience and crafting a more intimate experience.


Think virtual

If you want to avoid the face-to-face dilemma . . . just think virtual. For some of you it’s easy. But for others the virtual live streaming world presents it’s own challenges.

We have access to the conferencing technology (Zoom meetings works great!) and the digital infrastructure to reimagine a virtual experience.

Readjust, Realign and Repackage your presentations and reset your marketing expectations. At the end of the day the venue is simply a platform and stage for CONTENT but content is still the reigning king. Look for clever, practical and tech-driven solutions to elevate the virtual experience of remote attendees.

The key is your content, your message, your story. With it, you’ll craft, design and deploy content that is even more engaging, visual and has emotional impact. The human emotion that a live face-to-face event generates can’t be duplicated, but you can create visuals and compelling, shareable content that can trigger an emotional reaction.


Our best advice is to simply show support!

Make this personal. This is not a time to get caught up in losing sales and missed opportunities. We understand that for many of you, you’ll have to do something. But reaching out to your customers right now and asking what you can do for them might be all you should do.

Also this is the good time to revamp, refresh and reinvigorate your digital presence on line. It’s time to ensure your message is relevant and you continue to be part of the conversation. It’s time to ensure all your digital channels are maximized.

-contributed by Michael Petan, MOGXP Trends Consultant

We Can Help

Our clients know that we base all decisions on consistency. This means, an experience at the right place, the right time, and sending the right message to the right people, from the right brand ambassadors.

Even though we cannot be out and about at this time, we can still help you plan a successful future event!

Want to learn more? Contact our expert team at MOGXP here. We’ll work together to identify the best opportunities to make your experiential marketing campaign a success.

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Riskier Business and the Coronavirus: So Now What Do You Do?
Every business is buzzing about the Coronavirus now, and the uncertainty in its wake. We offer some advice for the months to come. It's time to reorganize!

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