Local Impact Marketing: MOGXP and Product Sampling

local impact marketing
February 13, 2020 0 Comments

When it comes to product sampling, local impact marketing is a productive way for smaller and medium sized brands to make a big impression. With smaller marketing budgets, they are looking for one thing: Value. And this means using that budget as efficiently as possible.

Many brands believe that marketing on a budget means spending more on online campaigns, such as social media and SEO. But as a local business owner, your clientele is close to home, and nothing is more effective than one-on-one connections.

At MOGXP, we apply the concept of local impact marketing to get our clients’ products to the right audiences. But more importantly, we incorporate flexibility into our schedules, plans, and agreements with clients.

The professional and experienced team at MOGXP will lead the way in identifying the best opportunities for your budget. As such, you can start finding inspiration by considering these essentials for exceptional local impact marketing


Working with MOGXP’s Local Impact Marketing Program


We’ve mentioned meeting your audience at places of their “lifestyle intersection”.  These could be at certain places where your target audience can be found daily, or at special events they would attend.

In the right location, timing is everything. So for example, the upside to a street team staying at an event (music or sports related for example) until the end is that you could provide product samples to thousands as they exit the event. If your target audience is attending the event, you’ve made an impression for little effort.


Brand Ambassadors

When it comes to product sampling specifically, it’s imperative to have brand ambassadors who connect with your audience. Your brand ambassador is not only the face of your products, but they come from the target audience itself!

Brand ambassadors can also act as influencers. They can help direct your new fans to social media, apps, e-campaigns, and other budget-friendly ways to stay connected with your audience long after the experiential event.

As an added benefit, your local brand ambassadors are the ones who could alert you to the right upcoming events or locations to set up for product sampling.


The Unknown

What happens if the event you are partnering with gets cancelled? What if the weather changes, or another obstacle arises that prevents you from proceeding as planned?

We don’t promote creating a rigid schedule for months at a time, especially for street team marketing, pop-up events, and event sponsorships. Because of the unknown, it’s important to have a back-up plan so that your marketing budget does not go to waste. At MOXGP, we work in the flexibility to find options, even at the last minute. This will ensure stability for your budget, and to reflect a solid ROI for your hard work.



And finally, we strive to make sure our clients feel the trust in our partnership for their marketing needs. First, we sit down with you to develop a clear vision of how to get your brand in the hands (and in the minds) of your target consumers. We discuss the logistics of each endeavor to the minute, as well as how much product to order. This way, nothing goes to waste and no one is disappointed.

It’s worth repeating, the logistics of how much and how many hours and how many people mean nothing without the right experience. We help you find brand ambassadors that will connect with your audience, because they are actually from your target demographic. And today, even with social media connecting people all over the world, nothing can replace human connection face to face, and finding a brand that you know, like and trust.


Simply put, when it comes to local impact marketing for product sampling and other marketing strategies, there’s a lot to consider. Reaching out for an expert’s hand to guide the way just may be the best investment your brand could make!


We Can Help

Our clients know that we base all decisions on: the right place, the right time, and sending the right message to the right people, from the right brand ambassadors.

Want to learn more? Contact our expert team at MOGXP here. We’ll work together to identify the best opportunities to make your product sampling campaign a success.

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Local Impact Marketing: MOGXP and Product Sampling
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