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Choosing the right social media platform is important to any marketing campaign.

You would already think carefully about the location of a brick and mortar store or a billboard advertisement–– the same care should apply to what platforms you use to market on social media.

It’s about reaching your audience, and different audiences can be found in different cyber spaces. Understand the conventions and expectations of each, and you’ll understand how best to reach your audience.


Facebook is the most popular marketing social media platform thus far and can be used in some different capacities.

It has a well-spread demographic reach, but as it increases in popularity amongst older users, its reach with teens is declining.

If your marketing goals include expanding your reach, Facebook has the most expansive reach you can find online today. You can even target specific audiences based on the particular personal information they’ve included on their profiles.

Facebook is a rule breaker when it comes to the general expectations you can have for social media platforms. Whereas other platforms are best for only certain brand types, all types of businesses should be present and active on Facebook.


Twitter is a popular site for customers who want to keep up to date on offers, contests, and discounts. It’s one of the most useful sites to send customers to links embedded in posts.

Many Twitter users use the site exclusively to follow brands or celebrities, rather than to post themselves actively.

This makes it a great site for addressing users with news and regular, brief updates. For businesses with products or services that depend on a news-related sector or time-sensitive developments, this is an important place to be.


Instagram is a platform for the younger demographics. If this is your audience, you should be using Instagram to reach them.

However, keep in mind that your business must have image-heavy content to successful use Instagram. If you’re going to post text, a platform like Twitter should be your go-to.

Instagram is also an important place to interact with your audience. The users of Instagram aren’t just keeping up with other brands–– they’re posting their own content.

Try photo contests and be sure to follow back for the best Instagram marketing results.

Keep Researching…

These are just three of the most used platforms. There are many more to explore, including Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+, and each one will give you a different demographic and a different way of interacting.

Put the time in upfront to find out what type of social media platform will be best used to reach your target audience.

Otherwise, you risk stretching yourself and your team thin, trying to apply your brand to every platform out there.

You might be able to find surprising new ways to engage with new audiences on an unexpected platform. But direct your efforts with purpose. Your audience will notice and will be more likely to take an interest.

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The Right Social Media Platform
Choosing the right social media platform is important to any marketing campaign. Understand the conventions and expectations of each, and you'll understand how best to reach your audience.

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