Top Experiential Marketing Mistakes

top experiential marketing mistakes
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Not Establishing Measurable Success Indicators

You may enter into experiential marketing with broader, less specific objectives. However, any marketing campaign should have specific indications of success.

You want to know whether the money and time you’ve put into the event was worth what you got out of it.

You’ll want to know whether there were significant gains for your company that make this approach more useful to your brand than others.

Your goals should be specific so that you can collect data that tells you something concretely. Use social media to get feedback from your audience and find out how many people the event reached.

Work with an experiential marketing company that has their own key performance indicators (KPI).

Message Is Too Complicated or Unrelated

What is the actual content of your experiential marketing campaign, and what’s the point? One major mistake brands make with experiential marketing is an ineffective message.

If what you’re saying is too complex, you’ll lose your audience. Alternately, your audience could still enjoy the event but without seeing any connection to your brand.

Too Much Advertisement, Not Enough Experience

On the other end of the spectrum, your experiential marketing event shouldn’t focus so heavily on the brand attention that it fails to create a memorable experience for consumers.

Consumers are going to quickly lose interest in the event that is nothing more than brand ambassadors shouting out your brand name, benefits and uses.

The point is to create a conversation and feeling. You want to imagine the experience your audience should leave with.

How do you want them to feel in the end? Create an experience that generates that feeling in connection with your brand.

Poor Timing

Make sure there are no conflicts that you can foresee. This just takes a little extra research, but it can be imperative to your event’s success.

If your event date clashes with another, potentially more popular event, you’re likely to miss out on new customers.

Pay attention to the planning, check social media channels and influencers in the field to pick the right date.

Insufficient Advertising

If you fail to advertise your upcoming event sufficiently, it doesn’t matter how incredible the experience you’ve planned.

You won’t reach enough people. Take advantage of all possible avenues to advertise.

Get on social media and update your audience about setup progress leading up to the event.

Keep advertising, even when the event is already going on. Get consumers who attend the event to help you by checking in on social media.

If they’re enjoying themselves, encourage them to let others know what’s going on.

No Traffic

The location for your event is important! The advertising is a necessary step to bringing attention to what you’re doing, but the location needs to be somewhere easy to access.

Just like you wouldn’t put up a store in an unfrequented location, you should follow the same guidelines for your experiential marketing campaign. Choose a place and time that will easily reach your target audience.

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