Why Generational Marketing Matters

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Successful marketing is never a one-size-fits all venture. There is so much to consider when finding your target audience, as well as the best way to convey your brand. When identifying your customer, you’ll look at their interests, income levels, hobbies, etc. And you’ll have to figure out the best way to reach them. And one factor you can’t overlook is age. Generational marketing is the process of dividing your potential audience by age and finding the best way to reach these individuals based on generational factors. Strategies that work for baby boomers are not productive for millennials.

But we’ve got some guidelines for the different age groups in generational marketing to help you.


Generational Marketing Age Groups

Baby Boomers

Baby boomers are some of the oldest consumers. And while they may be active on Facebook and email, they do not usually engage in a wide range of social media platforms like their younger counterparts.

This group tends to appreciate longer conversations on a sporadic basis, (i.e., no frequent marketing campaigns). And they appreciate facts, testimonials, recommendations, and research that back up the benefits of your products.


Generation X and Millennials

Gen-Xers and millennials are the most targeted generational groups in the world right now because they tend to spend the most money.

Both groups respond well to social media, especially Facebook and Twitter for Gen-Xers. But they also respond to multimedia marketing, including videos, interactive campaigns, user feedback and reviews, and content-rich blogs.

These two groups are all about interaction, but the trick is to keep it short, simple, and resonating. They don’t want a lengthy sales pitch, but they do want a powerful or memorable experience that sticks. And finally, they appreciate valid and personal reasons to choose your product.


Generation Z

Don’t discount the youngest group in Generational Marketing, Generation Z!

This may be the youngest set of consumers, but they also represent your future buyers years down the road.

Interaction is key with Generation Z, and they especially respond to Cause Marketing, which is a mutually beneficial collaboration between a for-profit organization and a nonprofit.

For quick and effective digital marketing, you want to quickly grab attention and foster interaction.

Look into using:

  • memes
  • quizzes or contests
  • SMS and mobile marketing opportunities
  • eye-catching imagery


We Help You Create Meaningful Consumer Experiences

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to reaching different demographics, and expert guidance along the way is key to ensure that your message is being heard. Schedule a FREE Discovery Session now with MOGXP, and let’s work together to find your audience, and connect with your customers on a deeper and more effective level.

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Why Generational Marketing Matters
Defining your target audience is essential in marketing. The age group you want to attract is defined in generational marketing. See our tips for each age.

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