Can You Let Your Brand Go Viral?

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March 16, 2017 0 Comments

Every business owner wants their company to get more attention, more business and more income.

In other words, companies want to grow. What this translates to for your branding is a goal of creating and putting out viral content.

Viral content isn’t a matter of how much money you spend. What catches on can be unexpected, but ultimately it comes down to connection.

When you connect with your audience with something new and engaging, the initial audience you connect with wants to share your content.

What many companies don’t realize though when it comes to growth and this new attention, is that the aftermath requires lots of preparation on the part of the company.

You have to be ready to grow so that it doesn’t overwhelm your company. Otherwise, the results could be negative.

It could cost you more to try to compensate when you get growth you aren’t prepared for.

For the online reception of your viral content, keep two key points in mind to better prepare for the changes your company will see.

Ask yourself, how will I react if my content does go viral?

1. Your Website Should Be Ready Because You’re About to Get a Lot More Visitors

Part of your preparations for this growth should begin with the tech side of your website. With a newly viral video or image up, your site could easily crash and ruin the purpose marketing operation entirely.

Even if the viral content is available in other locations, you want people to come to your site eventually to find out more about your company.

Hire additional IT professionals if you think your content might become viral, or if going viral was unintentional, get the extra help as soon as you realize you’ve created such content.

2. Be Ready to React to the Extra Online Attention.

When content goes viral, everyone will be watching. And as you probably already know, when online, every person has an opinion to share.

For better or for worse, as your content goes viral you’ll be creating a buzz. It’s important to react appropriately to what people are saying.

If this comes in the form of positive reactions, it will be important for your company to interact and engage with them. You’ll have to keep up with the conversations and see what you can glean from them.

These can offer extremely helpful feedback that might inspire further action by your company. When people see that you’re listening, they will feel a personal relationship with your brand.

If the buzz is negative, however, you’ll want to make sure you’re equipped to do damage control as quickly as possible. 

Knowing who are a few of the heavy hitters in social media spheres and reaching out to them can help you in these scenarios.

Either way, you want backup. You’ll have to either tap into the social media abilities of your current staff or hire on more for a successful reaction to the new attention.

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Can You Let Your Brand Go Viral?
For the online reception of your viral content, keep two key points in mind to better prepare for the changes your company will see.

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