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Looking for a way to dazzle guests in a small and intimate setting? Right now is a great time to plan as we are getting out into the world more. Hence hosting a VIP hospitality experience event is an excellent opportunity to showcase your brand while fully engaging a smaller group of clients.

While a great way to build relationships with new and existing audiences, VIP events must be carefully executed in every aspect, by an expert. This type of event provides a great opportunity to involve all of the senses of your consumers, which is the foundation of experiential marketing.

And finally, the ultimate goal of this event is to have your followers leave with a strong connection to your products and brand. Then, they’ll want to share their VIP experience and promote your company.

So, how can you get it right? Follow these tips to ensure you have no slip ups and guests leave with a clear idea of your brand’s mission.

1. Digital Engagement

This is a huge aspect of planning any event. And it can set the tone for the entire occasion before it even begins. So check out these tips to guarantee a stellar experience!

  • Build anticipation and increase ticket sales by teasing speaker lineups or special guests online.
  • Save time and secure data by sending e-vites.
  • Keep attendees up to date with regular posts and reminders about deadlines.
  • Offer giveaways for potential followers who are unable to attend.
  • Create a photo booth area, event hashtag, and share quotes and pictures from featured guests to encourage sharing across social media.
  • Interact with the audience by creating polls, asking questions, and even giving sneak peeks backstage or behind the scenes on different platforms like Snapchat and Instagram.

2. Encourage Connections

Introduce your guests to each other! Use their professions or shared interests as a conversation starter.

When you introduce your VIPs as important to other guests, you will flatter them and also create a sense of comfort if they don’t many other attendees.

  • Leading up to the event you can connect potential guests with similar interests or professions using Tweetups. Promote the use of a specific hashtag for each area of interest or career, then set up a specific area for each group at the event venue, so they have space to meet if they choose.
  • Reward the Tweetup participants with a free cocktail or a photo experience in an attractive part of the venue.
  • Use an online tool to measure attendees influence across social media, those with the large followings likely impact their followers. Plus, reward VIP members with high scores with privileges like cut-the-line, open bar, or preferred seating and see how it gets people talking online!

3. Communicate

Gauge the crowd’s energy levels, make attendees feel valued, and interact with the target audience throughout the event.

  • Brand Ambassadors will be key in establishing connections with the audience. They will be the ones greeting and delivering the initial interaction with consumers about your brand.
  • A good emcee will deliver your message to a larger audience while being charismatic and confident. An emcee could also enact contests or games to keep consumers involved and engaged.
  • The spokesperson is a huge role and should be well-trained and capable of accurately representing the brand. This can be a trained employee or a celebrity advocate; if your event has generated a lot of PR, a spokesperson will be a necessity.

Take full advantage of the endless opportunities VIP events have. Contact us today to help you create an unforgettable experience and immerse consumers in your brand!

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Create a Memorable VIP Experience
Looking for a way to dazzle consumers while using the experiential marketing strategy? Hosting a VIP hospitality event is an excellent opportunity to showcase your brand while fully engaging clients.

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