Spice Up Your Marketing with Holiday Spirit

Holiday Spirit
December 20, 2017 0 Comments

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, which means your consumers are probably emerged in the holiday spirit themselves. Unleashing holiday-themed content is a classic and proven way to engage with followers and prospective clients.

If you want to benefit from the holiday marketing madness you have to take the extra effort to stand out. Set yourself apart from the average Christmas clutter! Being unique will connect with your audience and garner the brand awareness. You will ultimately get the support you’re seeking!

Christmas: A Perfect Time for Marketing

Christmas is the best time to market because consumers are in the mood to buy. If you want to have your brands showing up under consumers’ trees this holiday, take a look at our best tips:

  1. Build Anticipation: We know that when we are anticipating something we feel greater pleasure upon receiving. You can have your marketing strategy piggyback on the excitement of Christmas. On the days leading up to Christmas give hints to a new product reveal or discounts customers should be on the lookout for.


  1. Tap into Emotions: Generally, people are more sentimental, joyous, and optimistic this time of year. December is the beginning of more family time, exciting festivities, and some surprising gifts! When customers feel happy they’re more likely to purchase, so keep that in mind when releasing content.


  1. Maintain Sense of Urgency: While we may want to keep the holiday cheer going for as long as possible, we must recognize that the holiday season does have a finite ending. When promoting giveaways and offers use tactics like countdowns that show just how many days, hours, and minutes consumers have left to take advantage. An added benefit is that countdowns often cut down on people’s indecisiveness.


  1. Holidays=Reciprocity: This time of year brings the exciting possibility of gift. People feel like they want to reciprocate all the warm fuzzy feelings they experienced. If your brand has given a free product or awesome discount chances are consumers will want to return the favor by coming back to shop in the coming year.


Make Your Brand Stand Out

When embarking on a holiday marketing campaign you need to keep some things in mind. Consumers have been bombarded with holiday messages from every business imaginable. If you’re not using this strategy to stand out, you could miss out on some serious brand recognition and sales.

To solidify your place as a standout Christmas campaign follow these tips:

  • Plan what kinds of marketing messages you want to use to reach your audience. Will it be e-mail, podcasts, or promo videos? Would your followers respond more to social media or in-depth blog posts?
  • Keep your brand identity intact when implementing holiday visuals.
  • Give your supporters seasonal offers.
  • Send special, personalized messages that will make your customers feel appreciated. You don’t necessarily have to give away expensive products to get noticed you can offer free downloads or a discount on their next purchase.


Let Us Help

We can help you create unforgettable experiences for your consumers this holiday season! Get in touch with us here to get your holiday marketing strategy in place.


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Spice Up Your Marketing with Holiday Spirit
Unleashing holiday themed content is a classic and proven way to engage with followers and prospective clients. Learn how to spice up your marketing with holiday spirit.

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