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Press coverage of your brand and products is an instrumental way to reach a new audience. Being featured in newspapers, media, radio, or television news programs is an exceptional way to build authority and awareness across a large audience. Getting your brand mentioned in the headlines can get huge results! It can nevertheless be a difficult task for new companies.

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Get Your Brand in the Headlines and Increase Your Press Coverage

Identify your experiential marketing opportunities

Experiential Marketing and organic press coverage work hand in hand. It’s because there are limitless ways to convey a memorable or unique experience in a features story.

Invite bloggers, journalists, public relations personnel, and other reps in the media to attend a pop-up event, a product sampling event, or even a trade show. You’ll be able to generate interest and provide an experience worth media coverage.


Sponsor a local event

Sponsoring is a great way for smaller companies to leave a large impression. They can connect with their community on well-covered local events, festivals, and other celebrations.

Look for opportunities to contribute to a popular happening in your area. There might be a charitable race, a music concert, or a fundraiser that always generates headlines. By becoming a sponsor of a big-news occurrence in your community, you’ll naturally attract press and media attention.


Make a contribution

You don’t have to make a six-figure donation to make headlines, as a smaller but clever initiative can garner attention if it’s something unique. (Need an example? Consider the Ice Bucket Challenge which went viral, and raised $115 million in donations for ALS in 2014.)

Perhaps your company can host an event to raise needed funds. Or your employees and team members can contribute a small amount which, when pooled together, creates a big impact. You can also spend time volunteering and helping out the community. As a result, you would gain attention by helping your neighbors, and it doesn’t have to cost a thing.


Choose your distribution list for press releases wisely

Many marketing gurus make up a generic press release and send it to as many media outlets as possible in the hopes of grabbing attention. But this is seldom an effective way to reach the press.

Instead, create targeted and niche releases that will foster interest from the newspapers, magazines, or television stations you are reaching out to. This way, you can start building a long relationship with journalists and news outlets that can be beneficial for years to come.


We Help You Create Meaningful Consumer Experiences

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