How Effective Is Street Team Marketing?

street team marketing
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Street team marketing may initially seem like a relatively new trend in Experiential Marketing. But this strategy that’s currently taking the world by storm has a deep history.

It was initially introduced a few decades ago by entertainment companies, record labels, and the tech industry. They used it as a means of spreading the word about a new artist or product. However, today companies of all varieties use street team marketing as an effective and affordable way to generate interest and attention in their brand. And unlike pop-up events, you don’t need to rent any space! It’s hard to beat that for affordability.

So how does street team marketing work? And what do you need to know about this grassroots form of Experiential Marketing? Start with some FAQs to help your own street team marketing initiative.

We’ll then discuss the do’s and don’ts of this marketing strategy.

The FAQs on Street Team Marketing

What is street team marketing?

It is basically an unconventional marketing where representatives of a company hit the streets to introduce products or services to potential consumers one-on-one. It allows companies to directly connect with their customers where they live, work, and play. And finally, it creates an experience that leads to phenomenal brand recognition, simply because it’s authentic, and often unexpected.

What does an effective initiative entail?

There are a number of moving parts when it comes to launching an effective campaign. For one thing, you need to determine the ideal location. Street team marketing is most effective in high-traffic locations, where a company’s primary demographic tends to congregate. You also need fantastic brand ambassadors who know and appreciate your products. You want your ambassadors to provide a distinctive experience so that the public can see, taste, smell, and experience your products for themselves.

How do I get a campaign off the ground?

Your first step for launching a successful street team marketing campaign is to partner with a marketing company that specializes in Experiential Marketing. An established marketing team can help identify the where, when, and how for a street team campaign in your area, and can help identify other Experiential Marketing strategies that can boost your business.


Now we’ll talk about what to do and what to avoid for your marketing strategy to be a success!

The Dos and Don’ts of Street Team Marketing

It may seem like an easy marketing initiative on the surface. You want brand recognition and good reputation from memorable and positive encounters. But there is a right and a wrong way to proceed…

The right way to go about street team marketing

Spend time planning

  1. Understand your demographic, and determine where your target customer lives, works, and where they like to go to relax and have fun.
  2. Consider the logistics – how many brand ambassadors and product samples will you need?
  3. When it the right time to launch your initiative?

Spread the word, before, during and after

Social media is a great way to spread the word as well as connect with your consumers afterwards! Make sure your existing and potential customers know where and when you’ll be, so that they can find you, and can help generate a wave of interest.

Also, make sure that your customers can connect with you after that initial encounter. Effective follow-up will help determine how successful your street marketing campaign is well after it’s over. Encourage them to keep that connection through social media, e-campaigns, and other marketing strategies.

What NOT to Do

DON’T just consider the highest traffic locations in your area

Certain areas may require special permits, have noise ordinances, or may have traffic that ebbs and flows throughout the day. In addition, just because a certain locale has a lot of people, it doesn’t mean it holds your target demographic, or that they have the time for a face-to-face encounter.

DON’T be too pushy!

A positive encounter can turn into a negative one quickly if you are too pushy with your street team marketing campaign. Inspire curiosity with unique experience and incentives, and remain continually approachable.

DON’T just rely on flyers and promotional materials

Modern consumers expect a wow factor. Your customers want to experience your product or services with all their senses before they commit. So allow them to do just that while creating a unique experience that’s hard to forget.

DON’T go it alone!

Speak with an expert at MOGXP today, and we’ll work together to determine the most effective way forward for your street team marketing campaign. With vast experience in all forms of Experiential Marketing, we help find ways to spread the word about your brand.

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