Identify Your Marketing Objectives

marketing objectives
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You’re ready for a marketing makeover. You know your business isn’t operating at its best, and you want to do better. The first step is recognizing exactly what kinds of change you want to see in your company. What are your marketing goals?

Your marketing goals are the foundation of your marketing campaign and should align with your business goals.

Start with Your Vision for Your Business

Are you trying to serve a local audience or become a global leader in your field? What is your target demographic, and what do you hope to bring to them?

What feelings do you want them to take away after interacting with your brand? Your business vision is a clear set of guiding principles, and your marketing goals should follow suite.

After this, it’s time to get specific and realistic. Your marketing plan needs measurable, attainable goals and action to get you there.

Consider Revenue Goals, Sales Numbers, Closing Rate and Traffic

If there are new products you want to promote or a new audience you’d like to reach, apply these specific aspects. Set quantifiable goals and expectations.

 “Quantifiable” means setting down your goals in measures like sales dollars, units sold, sales conversion rates, or advertising ROI.

What would show you, for example, that your company has succeeded in increasing customer awareness? It could be that your company’s site was shared on social media X amount of times.

You might work with an outside marketing service to help you pin down these concrete goals. It’s important to you and to your entire company that the goals are realistic.

Otherwise, you’ll end up feeling frustrated, having overworked and not even having achieved what you set out to accomplish. Marketing is an ongoing battle, and you need to do what you can to keep the momentum going.

Creating realistic goals could be as simple as asking yourself to answer the question honestly, Can I truly accomplish this?

However, there will be times when you genuinely don’t know how to answer that question. Look at your past efforts and those of other companies and competition to help you best estimate the answer.

 In order to accomplish your goals, you have to understand your audience. Research your audience and what they respond to, as this may influence the details and measurements of your goals.

You’re going to break your goals into smaller pieces that will help you achieve them. To understand what those smaller pieces should be, you have to understand all of the people involved.

Next, your plan of action should cover what comes first, second, third, and so on. Break down your goals into smaller tasks, and decide how you want to focus on them.

This goal-setting is an important first step, but it’s just the beginning. There are a lot of other steps along the way that will depend on how you implement this foundational stage.

So take your time and establish the right goals to lead you to a successful marketing campaign.

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Identify Your Marketing Objectives
You're ready for a marketing makeover. You know your business isn't operating at its best, and you want to do better.

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