Planning Your Mobile Marketing Tour

mobile marketing tour
June 1, 2023 0 Comments

While you’re settling back into the office after the holidays, it is the perfect time to plan a mobile marketing tour!

A mobile marketing tour is an excellent opportunity to meet your target audience in their lifestyle intersection.

Why Mobile Marketing?

  • Impact—Going on the road you’re able to reach a wider audience, expanding your campaign’s impact on consumers.
  • Pace—Not only will you be able to reach more people, but you will do so in a shorter amount of time. The mobile tour allows you to connect with more people in a faster manner.
  • Specialization—Probably the most exciting benefit of the mobile marketing tour is the ability to really individualize each stop to best cater to the area and people of each location. The marketing purpose is the same, but you can tailor each experience to a specific place.

Tips for Successful Mobile Marketing Tours

1. Research Beforehand

Choosing the best location is crucial, it must make sense for your brand and be convenient for your audience.

Finding a locale that fits your audiences’ lifestyle while complementing your brand will only be possible with in-person visits

Planning site visits, mapping out efficient driving routes, and installing a plan B will ensure a smooth and successful event.

And now, it’s important to know the area’s regulations and restrictions for groups of people. A little research will go a long way.

2. Personalize Each Event

As I’ve mentioned, being able to travel to different places gives you a wider audience, and while your product will remain the same, your users and their preferences will vary.

Do your research and make tweaks accordingly to appeal to specific locations. Your supporters will notice the details that cater to them, and they’ll be appreciative.

3. Prepare Your Staff

Considering your staff and brand ambassadors will be the face of your business on-site, taking the time to train them properly will be worth it.

Preparing them to engage (safely) with consumers, reviewing event logistics, brand policy and procedure, and the company’s mission will be essential to have a solid staff who will adequately represent your brand in all interactions.

4. Reach Your Audience

Are you hoping to catch random pedestrians, or do you have a specific target audience in mind?

If you know your audience, it’s crucial to reach out beforehand, build up the hype, and get the important information out online.

Let your followers know when and where ahead of time, this can be done easily via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

5. Keep Interest

Once you head out to your next location, it’s important that your supporters still feel connected. Don’t be shy online!

Continuously post photos, updates, etc. on social media to show previous customers how you value them, and potential new customers can see what fun is in store for them.

A mobile marketing tour is an exciting opportunity to bring your products to life, but if done without adequate planning, it can fall flat.


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Planning your Mobile Marketing Tour
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